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RAWsvc34 said...

That Ireland/Bryant convo was leaked...and debunked by several "sources". We still don't know how the convo went down. That said - don't look at "Was your mom a hook?" in a vacuum. You cannot judge it as being inappropriate or not without knowing the context in which it was asked.

Cool Hand Nuke said...

The Paris Hilton picture still reaches my funny bone every time.

Unknown said...

Just hope it doesn't reach your other bone Nuke or you'll be on a Valtrex regimin the rest of your life.

Unknown said...

I see both sides of the Ireland argument.
But even without knowing the context of the conversation, I can also see the Dolphins' concern of his attitude. He's been known to have a bad one.
A question - do you think this is the worst that Dez is going to hear on the field? I'm sure that question is kindergarten stuff in comparison. I think they wanted to know how easy it was to push his buttons... is he a risk to take a stupid 15 yard penalty and lose a (playoff) game as a result?