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Lost in the shuffle of all-Ben, all-the-time this week was this newsworthy clip of Regis Philbin admitting to his love of the Pittsburgh Pirates:

"Every year, I check the standings, because I want the Pittsburgh Pirates to succeed...anyway, here they are in second place, the Pittsburgh Pirates, right behind the Cardinals, one game behind. Keep your eyes on the Pittsburgh Pirates."

And for the record, Kelly Ripa loves the Pittsburgh airport mall. Don't we all.

As for our Buccos, they've been outscored 16-1 over the past two nights in home losses to the Milwaukee Brewers, losing 8-1 on on Tuesday and 8-0 on Wednesday. So maybe Regis may want to get off that bandwagon before we get too much further into the season.

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Steve said...

Of course he loves the Pirates, he's nearly 80. Meaning; he's one of probably a dozen or so people left on the planet who can remember when they were any good. I would say I could too, but drinking and Alzheimers has made that impossible.

Unknown said...

"keep your eyes on the pirates?" is he talking about?!?!

Wintermute said...

I kept my eyes on the Pirates today, I'm blind now.