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Trooper Tom Joyner, one of the bodyguards for Ben Roethlisberger, is no longer permitted to work for the quarterback, as per a release from the state police today:

"The reasons indicated for the rescission are that Trooper Joyner violated the stipulations of the approved application; that he exceeded the scope of the employment description listed; and that in doing so he is alleged to have demeaned the image of the Department," the release said.

State police will continue to investigate the trooper's actions during the Georgia incident. "Should violations of regulations have occurred, no matter the location of this incident, appropriate actions will be taken," the release said.
So if you're scoring at home, that's a Milledgeville PD officer who lost his  job, a Pennsylvania state trooper who lost his supplementary job and is under investigation, and a quarterback who is suspended for anywhere from four to six games and may well end up in football Siberia tomorrow.

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SantoGold said...

What a mess.

SantoGold said...

Somebody should ask Mark Madden if he still thinks if "All you bitches take my shots" is still funny.

Chip said...

So do we file this one under "there's clearly more than meets the eye" to the whole situation or are the blind Ben worshipers going to spin this too?

IT'S ALL A COINCIDENCE!! This drunk college girl is bringing all these sweet awesome guys down!!

Mr. Pinsky said...

Yeah great. Let's suspend the 3rd best QB in the NFL for saying "all you bitches take my shots." Brilliant.

Steve said...

Santo - Yes I still find it funny.

Chip - I'm not a blind worshipper, in fact I might have been on the anti-Ben bandwagon with you before I actually read the evidence and used "my own" better judgment in analyzing exactly what went on that night. Admittedly, I wouldn't have been driving the wagon like you've been all along, but I would been at the back somewhere.

To everyone who thinks Ben is the worst person on the planet for having drunken sex in a bathroom with a girl younger than him, I'm sorry you feel the need to take it personally and internalize it like Ben's actions are some reflection on you, the team you root for, or the town you live in. I get it, you're all better than that and when you go to church this Sunday, God will know it too.

Now, excuse me, I'm off to the store to buy a No. 7 jersey while I can still get them cheap, as I think you're all on a witch burning crusade and have once again let misguided public opinion, near-sighted speculation and the conflicting stories of young women with an agenda get the better of you.

While I'm there, should I look for some DTF names tags for anyone's daughters? I hear they're all the rage now!

NickDawg said...

Santo.. that line is still funny..i used the line at the bar last weekend and it worked like a charm..

Steve, im right behind you brotha....

Chipper buddy why all the aminosity...Ben must have stolen your girl friend or something in the past...Ben and the drunken slut were both wrong but since Bens a celeb athlete, he is the one crucified

Steve said...

Just checked the local Target, all out of DTF tags but they still have a few UFO (Up For Oral) and AAA (All About Anal) tags.

Unknown said...

steve, you act like you were there. were you? because CLEARLY he did NOTHING wrong and the rooney's, the nfl, and steeler nation are on a witch hunt just because....

Unknown said...

Maybe we should file this under the too many people are assuming there is more to this story than what we have heard. From KDKA:

"It became very clear early on that the commissioner thought a suspension was necessary. He never really told us a specific number that he was thinking about in terms of a suspension; but in a conversation that the commissioner and I had – I believe it was this past Saturday or Sunday – he used the term 'indefinite' that, you know, an indefinite suspension was possible," Cornwell (Ben's Attorney) said.

Cornwell even said that Goodell may have told the Rooneys that he was considering an eight to 10 game suspension. However he also felt that Roethlisberger's side of the story may have helped to reduce the suspension to six games.

Wow. Imagine that. After hearing both sides of the story the suspension was reduced. Here is the link to the article so you can stop assuming what went on between Ben and Goodell.