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Fast Willie Parker "is so bitter toward the Steelers about his treatment last season that he would rather sit out 2010 than play here again," a source close to the RB told Ed Bouchette.

That's pretty strong talk from a guy who doesn't have a paycheck lined up yet for 2010. [PG]

Orlando police Sgt. Barbara Jones told the Tribune-Review that a police report should have been filed in the Santonio Holmes case.

"I don't know if somebody forgot or what happened," Jones said. "The report wasn't completed. It was supposed to be done. We've contacted the officer to be sure it gets done."

Sounds like some top-notch police work in Orlando. Glad I don't live there. [Trib]

Santonio Holmes, the man of the hour, told ESPN's Rachel Nichols that he "didn't do anything" and added that this matter "will be taken care of quickly, within the next 24 hours."

So I guess we should all move on, then. Nothing to see here. [ESPN]

The Pittsburgh Steelers met with four college prospects on Monday, including Purdue DL Michael Neal, Wake Forest OT Chris DeGeare, Kansas S Darrell Stuckey, and Penn State LB Navorro Bowman. I hope none of these guys are big fans of nightclubs. [Trib]

The Johnstown Chiefs are moving to Greenville, South Carolina, in an eerie example of real life mirroring fiction (in this case, the 1977 Paul Newman classic Slap Shot).

The team was purchased by Neil Smith (yes, that Neil Smith) in 2002, but the Chiefs have only 900 season-ticket holders and struggle to fill the arena, needing 2,700 fans a game just to break even. Sounds like they need a dose of the Hanson Brothers. []

Jamie Dixon reportedly met with former Oregon AD Pat Kilkenny recently, but has spurned whatever the Ducks were peddling, according to Fox Sports' Jeff Goodman.

Now that Dixon, Gonzaga's Mark Few, Michigan State's Tom Izzo, and and Florida's Billy Donovan appear to have turned them down, it looks like Oregon now will turn their attention to Minnesota's Tubby Smith, and possibly Butler's Brad Stevens. []

Mike Rice might be staying at Robert Morris after all, considering that job vacancies (other than Oregon) seem to be filling up quickly.

Former Pitt player Kevin Willard got the Seton Hall job, and Fordham hired Hofstra’s Tom Pecora. St. John's wants a coach with more major-conference experience, as is DePaul.

That would leave Charlotte, Hofstra, Siena and Iona as the openings in the East at the moment, and none of them have mentioned Rice as a potential candidate yet. [Beaver County Times]

Robbie Brown, former Penguin fan favorite and Alyssa Milano squeeze, was on 93.7 The Fan on Monday with John Seibel and Joe Starkey.

Brown, now a color commentator for the Edmonton Oilers, immediately took the hosts back to the time when Ron Hextall chased him around the ice in the 1989 playoffs. Here's a YouTube clip of the awesome moment:

Andrew McCutchen is being credited with the change in attitude of talented yet troubled OF Lastings Milledge in a lengthy article on ESPN:

Milledge watched how McCutchen played with a calm but not ego-driven attitude, how he carried himself. He also was impressed by how McCutchen, without campaigning for the job, effectively became the Pirates' captain only a few months after becoming a major leaguer.

"When you're that young but you're a leader like that, it's something special to watch," Milledge said.

Steve Blass circa 1973 has been identified as the worst opening-day starter in the last 50 years based on WAR (wins above replacement), says people who enjoy crunching said numbers. That was the year Blass totally went off the tracks, turning 19-8/2.49 in 1972 to 3-9/9.85 in 1973. No one does bad like the Buccos. [Rum Bunter]

Bill Clinton will speak at the May 16 graduation ceremony of West Virginia University's Eberly College of Arts and Science, the school announced today. Hopefully no one throws any small change at the former President. [PG]

Brad Sciullo, one of Western PA's top competitive eaters who once ate a 20.2-pound burger in four hours and 37 minutes, was at it again this weekend.

On Saturday, Sciullo took down 58 pierogis in three minutes flat at the Men's Culinary Classic at the Washington County Fairgrounds, besting the entire field. His next feat will be at the Double Wide Grill on Carson Street at 8 p.m. Thursday, where he'll be one of the contestants in a tofu-eating contest. But my question: when will he be ready to take down Chestnut and Kobayashi on the 4th of July? [Herald Standard]

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Andrew McCutchen is pretty much the only reason to buy a ticket to see the Pirates right now.

He's the only player on that team, and first in quite awhile for the Buccos, that makes me proud the way guys like Sid, Hines, Troy, and Geno do.

It's going to suck when he gets traded to a contender in 4 years.

SantoGold said...

It's kind of funny thinking that McCuth is now the grizzled old vet responsible for straightening out the head cases on the team. He has what, all of 100 games under his belt?

SantoGold said...

Milledge reminds me a little of Bobby Bonilla. Both were highly regarded when drafted but ran into clubhouse problems (Bonilla/White Sox - Milledge/Mets) early on that derailed their careers. A change or scenery did wonders for Bonilla. I think the potential is there for Milledge as well. He's underachieved in his career but now being out of the NY spotlight and with no expectations on him (he does play for the Pirates after all) plus being a little older and being mentored by McCutcheon (that is too funny) this could be a turnaround year for him.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

I haven't eaten 58 pierogies in my whole life.

expectingrain said...

Just wondering, but if Heinz Field is, say, posted as collateral to a bailbondsman, can the Winter Classic still be played there?

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

if fast willie wants to burn bridges, let him go! he has always been overrated. he's always been a back that needs a mack truck hole to run through. we can provide that size hole and he can't outrun people anymore.

amen on the orlando police dept Don! Yeesh, i wish my boss was that care free.

Navarro Bowman is a good 'character' player, right?

@SantoGold - Man, i hope you're right. I wouldn't mind having another bobby bo in town!