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WR Arnaz Battle has officially been signed by the Steelers. Like earlier signee Will Allen, Battle is a special teams standout - an area I'm glad to see addressed - and will be reunited with his former position coach in San Francisco, Al Everest.

OT Jonathan Scott, a four-year veteran who's spent time with Detroit and Buffalo, reached agreement with the Steelers on a contract today. Again, this is a reunion of a player with a position coach, as the Steelers hired former Buffalo line coach Sean Kugler to the same position this offseason.

LB Larry Foote is meeting today with the Redskins, but apparently is wanted back in Pittsburgh to create depth at the position. The Steelers usually don't welcome back players once they've left, but this could be a rare occurrence of just that happening.

WR Antonio Bryant, the former Pitt standout, is visiting with the Cincinnati Bengals on Tuesday. The Bengals have been mentioned as possible landing spots for Terrell Owens and Brandon Marshall, so it looks like they're going to sign somebody to address their need at the position.

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

When Bryant's head's in the right place and he's healthy he can still play, and play well.

Two years ago he was an absolute beast in Tampa. This year he was hurt.

I've just seen so many glimpses of what Antonio can do, but his head is usually so far up his own ass that he'll sadly never reach his potential.

Speaking of Tampa, has the Tampa to Pittsburgh pipeline replaced the Detroit to Pittsburgh pipeline as our primary means for getting players from crappy franchises?