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Let's get it started: Olympic hockey starts today, so plan on leaving work early to catch the USA vs. Switzerland at 3 PM. Other games later today include Norway-Canada at 7:30 and Russia-Latvia at midnight. Empty Netters is doing in-depth profiles of teams today, which is definitely worth your clickage.

Per, the US lines looked like this at practice on Monday:


and here were the lines of two other teams you care about:

Team Canada


As Ron Cook pointed out today, the US has a little extra mojo on their side in Brooks Orpik, who was named after Miracle on Ice coach Herb Brooks. But the smart money is still on Canada, at least according to, which has the Canadians at 1:1 odds to take the gold. Russia comes in next at 11:5, followed by the US and Sweden at 6:1. Those aren't quite "miracle" odds (that's saved for 500:1 Latvia and Norway), but an American win would still be a pleasant surprise. [EN, ESPN, PG, Bodog]

Steelers free agent update: ESPN's James Walker thinks that Ryan Clark and Jeff Reed will get extensions, Casey Hampton will get tagged, and Willie Parker will be playing elsewhere in 2010. Those all sound like realistic predictions to me. [ESPN AFC North Blog]

This is just awful: I hope swift justice is served on the creep who robbed a church pierogi sale in Butler County. I say Sauerkraut Saul should get to take the first shot. [WPXI]

Baumann coming back: Fans of the WDVE Morning Show will be pleased to know that Randy Baumann will be re-joining the program tomorrow after a brief contract dispute. Randy's been one of the biggest supporters of this site since its inception, so I'm really glad to hear everything worked out. [Bob Smizik Blog]

The Fan is up and running: Yesterday was the big kick-off for 93.7 The Fan, and guests ranged from Dan Marino to Jamie Dixon to Gary Bettman. They have an extensive website with all of the content archived, which you can find here.

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

Good news about Randy Baumann coming back.

I love Jimmy Krenn, but the show just doesn't sound the same without Randy. I mean, how much more can be done with Bobby Subgum and 70 year old Seal?

Unknown said...

Damn, those Russian lines are sick...

Anonymous said...

Without Randy, everything about the morning show sounds too forced.

It just sounds like something my dad would listen to. They probably lost a whole younger demographic without Randy.

Billkamm said...

Randy Baumann IS the DVE Morning Show.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

The Russian offense is insane, their weakness is the lack of depth on defense.

Canada is stacked, as usual, but for some reason they rarely win the gold at these things.

I saw a show on NHL Network last night about Crosby and Ovechkin in the Olympics. Canada will be absolutely devastated if they don't win the gold this year.

Just watched team USA polish off Switzerland. Our old buddy Ryan Malone got a goal and Brooks Orpik dealt some free candy to a few Swiss punks! I think our team has a real chance to be a sleeper.

Olympic hockey is WAY better than the All Star game btw.

the nigerian nightmare said...

Russia's defense was a complete joke.......if they play like that against the big boys they're going down in flames.