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Thankfully, it appears we've finally reached the end of the Steeler coaching staff stories, as the team hired 31-year-old Scottie Montgomery to coach the wide receivers. As Scott Brown notes in his Trib story, Montgomery is actually two years younger than one of his pupils, 33-year-old Hines Ward. That should be an interesting dynamic.

Montgomery was the second-leading WR in Duke Blue Devil history, entering the NFL in 2000 as a free agent with the Denver Broncos, moving on to Oakland in 2003 and ending his pro career with the Arena League's Georgia Force in 2005. He finished with modest NFL totals of 16 catches, 160 yards, and one TD for his career.

Montgomery entered the coaching field in 2006, returning to his alma mater as the wide receivers coach, where he's remained until now. According to the Duke website, "Montgomery has tutored two of the finest wide receivers in Duke history in Eron Riley and Jomar Wright."

I'm sure that's a great accomplishment that Montgomery is very proud of. Fortunately, the Steelers' wide receiver options are better than Eron Riley and Jomar Wright. As a matter of fact, they line up two Super Bowl MVPs and one of the top deep threats in the league as a third option. So my only concern with this hire would be credibility with his players. Then again, I can't remember hearing two peeps about previous WR coach Randy Fichtner (who is now in charge of the team's QBs), and that arrangement seemed to work out well for everyone involved, as Fichtner's Super Bowl ring would indicate.

Steelers find new wide receivers coach [Trib]

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Chad said...

I am assuming he doesn't coach the startering WRs as much as prepare them for upcoming games and situations in those games. I'd be more concerned with his abilty to read secondaries and help make adjustments at game time. He probably does more coaching with the younger guys trying to make the team or hold a roster spot. His age isn't a problem there.

NickDawg said...

he cant be a stupid guy if he comes from Duke so im on baord with him...just hope Hines is too