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BRESMA orphans come to Pittsburgh: It's not sports-related, but the story of the Haitian orphans and the two Pittsburgh girls running their earthquake-ravaged orphanage has dominated the local news.

Children's Hospital posted some pics of the kids' trip to the Burgh, and they can be seen here. [Kiss 96.1 Morning Freak Show]

Big East Players of the Decade....were named by ESPN. Larry Fitzgerald was the only Pitt Panther to make the list, coming in at #2 behind Pat White.

Revis Island and Antonio Bryant were honorable mention, but the list of Panthers ends there. I guess the name "LeSean McCoy" did not ring any bells.

On another note, as E.J. Borghetti just pointed out, Pitt can arguably boast the top players at three NFL positions: WR (Fitzgerald), DB (Revis), and P (Andy Lee of San Fran). [ESPN Big East Blog]

A call to sign the Skipster: Ron Cook has proclaimed that the Steelers must sign K Jeff Reed, past incidents aside, basically because Nate Kaeding, Neil Rackers and Shayne Graham were terrible in the playoffs.

On his highly-publicized recent run-in with the law, Cook had this to say about Reed: "No matter what happened that night, it's nice to think it sobered up Reed and made him realize he has to do a better job watching his behavior under the bright public spotlight. It's nice to think he won't be an embarrassment to himself, his family and his team again."

I'll officially say that Reed won't be an embarrassment when he can go a calendar year without an appearance in the police blotter or in ridiculous photographs on blogs from coast to coast. [PG]

A call to sign Gonch: Mark Madden says the Penguins should pay up for D Sergei Gonchar, who's in the final year of his deal. With D Kris Letang also in the final year of his deal, Ray Shero's going to have a few tough choices coming in the very near future. [Times Online]

Gailey to Bills
: Former Steeler OC Chan Gailey will be the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills, introduced at 2 PM today. Gailey had most recently worked as Todd Haley's offensive coordinator in Kansas City, unceremoniously canned after three preseason games.

Gailey came at the recommendation of Bill Cowher, who chose another year with Shannon Sharpe instead of the Bills' job. That's what's known as a lose-lose situation. [ESPN]

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Steve said...

Yeah, I don’t understand Cook’s angle there either. What does Kaeding’s performance have to do with Reed? Unless, SD is looking to steal Reed away, the answer is: nothing. If Reed can’t magically improve his kickoff hang-time and distance, I'd have no problem if they decide to bring in someone else (cheaper), as long as that kicker has the potential to be decent kicking 3's also. Reed kicking line drives was a big reason the special teams were awful. A team full of Usain Bolt’s aren’t going to get down the field fast enough to keep someone from returning a Reed kick 20 yards before being breathed on.

Two years ago, I was a proponent of trading Gonchar to get a winger since he could bring us the biggest return and we had Goligoski in the system and Letang with his high potential and promise of being our next Paul Coffey, but now I see that this team is dysfunctional at best without Gonchar and Letang seems nowhere near living up to the original hype. The Pens need to keep Gonchar but unless he’s willing to take a discount, they won’t be able to simply “pay up” whether they want to, or not. If they do keep him (most likely) Letang is the odd man out come the trade deadline. No way they can afford both next season and Letang could still bring us a decent winger like Whitney did in a trade.

Koz said...

Nate Kaeding having one bad game doesn't compare to a seasons worth of below average kickoffs, off the field drama, and an increasing number of FG misses.

If SD wants to be rid of Kaeding, I'd take him.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

The only two "bad" misses Reed had last year were in that Chicago game, and is a football player not allowed a bad game once every few years? The rest of his misses were when Tomlin would just be like "Screw it, let's see if he can kick a 50+ yarder in bad conditions."

We can always bring in a kickoff specialist, but good field goal kickers are hard to find. I say keep him (and it really has nothing to do with Kaeding).

Not everyone can kick field goals at Heinz Field.

And those poor kids, their first impression of the USA is going to be of all the maniacs in Pittsburgh (j/k)!!!!!

Steve said...

Problem is; the Steelers aren't going to waste a roster spot for a kickoff specialist, even at league minimum. Maybe they would if said specialst and Reed will split a paycheck.

NickDawg said...

whats more important...getting an almost automatic 3pts at the always lovely and pristine Heinz Field or and extra 8-10 yds on a me its not even a decision...keep skippy

Papa Eo said...

I say we let Polamalu kick off, because although it may only go down to the 35, he will be the first one down to make the tackle, something JR was not able to do overly proficiently this season. Although in Reed's defense, when your kicker's tackling ability becomes a major issue, you have other major issues.

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Nick Dawg - I'd trade 1 missed FG for every TD return we give up. Actually, I'd even give up 2.

NickDawg said...

Steve - the kickoffs were not the reason for the TD's, it was missed tackles. In Miami, Reed did kick it farther because of the warmer weather. Pittsburgh is just not a kickers mecca. We should just be happy we have a clutch kicker in the nasty months of Fall and Winter. Grass isnt always greener on the other side.