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It's time to retire that Brian Bixler Pirates jersey you've been waiting to break out, because the perennial prospect has just been dealt to the Cleveland Indians. The move clears a spot on the Buccos' 40-man roster for newly-signed reliever Brendan Donnelly.

In return, the Pirates got Jesus. That's right, Jesus...Brito.

Last year, the 22-year-old Brito was fifth among all minor league players with a .353 combined average between rookie ball and Class A, with 3 HR and 43 RBI in 60 games. He doesn't appear to be playing at PNC Park anytime soon, but the fact that Neal Huntington was able to get anything more than a bag of sunflower seeds for Bixler (let alone a potential prospect) is nothing short of a miracle.

As for Bixler, he exits the Pittsburgh Baseball Club with a .178 average, 62 strikeouts and 27 hits in 152 career at-bats, which means his strikeout average was actually better than his batting average. Probably a good thing that the Pirates parted ways with him sooner rather than later.

Pirates trade Bixler for prospect, sign Donnelly [PG]

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AJ said...

I'm happy we landed Jesus. The Pirates haven't had a prospect that was projected to walk on water since Chad Hermansen.

Unknown said...

Well played, AJ.

Bixler struck out in 56% of his plate appearances last year. That's amazing. Even guys like Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis were way down in the low 30s percentage-wise. And Bixler wasn't even a power hitter at all like those two.

The Mad Bubbler said...


HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

@ AJ - Nice... Nice!

Amen. That fact that we got anyone at all for someone who strikes out 56% of the time is amazing. Neal Huntingdon is looking better and better. There was a nice writeup on the Capps non-tender on the other day if anyone is interested.

Steve said...

Odd, usually when I find someones "looking better and better", I've had a few drinks and it's getting late. Can we at least wait a couple years (aka: tomorrow morning) before we propose marriage to anyone in the Pirates front office.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I will have to agree that I am shocked we were able to get anything remotely decent for the Human Strikeout Machine ( not a good nickname for a non-pitcher)

Unknown said...

how bad are things in cleveland? holy shit, it must be horrible!!!!

Nate said...

So, now that Bixler has been traded, shall we pretend he's the second coming of Honus Wagner and complain about the Pirates salary dumping all their good players?