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Pitt promotes Turner: Scott Turner, an offensive assistant the past two seasons for Team Wannstache, has been promoted to wide receivers coach today.

Turner was a former quarterback at UNLV, and is the son of the one and only Norv Turner. So at least Pitt will have a built-in excuse if they disappoint in the postseason. [Pitt Panthers]

Reason #1,682 why prediction columns are a bad idea: What was I saying last week about picks columns? Yeah, Gene Collier probably wishes he had this one back. [PG]

Caputi, Lovejoy sent down: The Pens have sent down forward Luca Caputi and defenseman Ben Lovejoy to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton today.

Caputi had a goal and an assist in four games with the Pens; Lovejoy has appeared in 12 games, has three assists and is a +8. [Pittsburgh Penguins]

Lattimore crosses off Penn State: RB Marcus Lattimore of South Carolina, regarded as one of the top three at his position in the country, had narrowed his college choices to USC and Auburn, eliminating Penn State from the running.

Lattimore was supposed to get an in-house visit from Joe Paterno on January 28 (the first such visit since JoePa visited King Pryor in Jeannette), but it now looks like Joe can take that day off. [PG]

Pirates' Yates arrested, charges dropped: Hard-throwing Pirate reliever Tyler Yates was arrested on December 30 on a family abuse charge at his home in Hawaii, but charges have been dropped.

The Pirates re-signed Yates to a minor-league deal a few days later, and said they knew about the situation before the deal was struck. Yates had Tommy John surgery last year and is not expected to be back until May or June of this season. Of course, at the rate that the Pirates have been stockpiling veteran relievers lately, Yates probably won't even be missed. [Trib]

Pittsburgh/Haiti update: WPXI is reporting that a plane is leaving from Pittsburgh and headed to Haiti to bring back dozens of orphans from the BRESMA orphanage, run by two sisters from nearby Ben Avon.

The flight will reportedly include Congressman Jason Altmire and several local doctors. [WPXI]

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

That's an obvious choice for Lattimore, USC just pays better.

Papa Eo said...

That Gene Collier column was terrible. I don't live in Pittsburgh anymore, so don't follow his writing, but I felt like I was reading a Rick Reilly column: oversaturated with dated metaphors, jokes that fell flat, and analogies and references that flat out made him sound like an upper middle-aged man with very little connection to his target audience or the sports-following majority.

Unknown said...

gene collier = know it all jagoff...

Adam said...

Not worried about RB. Adios kid.

Brian said...

Sports columnists are usually terrible writers though.

No sense of style.

Dated metaphors, as the other commenter said.

And the need to paragraph every goddamn sentence.

Prediction columns are a sportswriter's fallback, something to do when he has to submit something but doesn't have anything interesting or intelligent to say. You'll notice that Cook, Smizik, and that lot pretty much contradict themselves from week to week, and they've long since convinced me that they shouldn't get paid for what they do. Old people complain about the internet killing newspapers, but if newspapers were actually readable I think you'd find more people actually, um, read them. Instead, whether it's reading about sports or about Korea (where I live), the best information and commentary is done by amateurs on the blogs.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I actually read that column for the first time this morning after the game was over.

In light of last night's events, it was pure comedy gold.

It's good to see former Aliquippa Quip and Pitt Panther Darrelle Revis getting so much attention on the national sports scene btw.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

It is GREAT to see another aliquippa quip getting such notoriety around the NFL.

Did anyone else notice, though, that during the jets/chargers game they mentioned that Darrelle was from the same little high school as Ty Law, Mike Ditka, and Tony Dorsett. All well & good, except Mr Dorsett attended Hopewell high school to run behind crushing blocks from my former geography teacher. PSU great and current buffalo bill Paul Posluszny also graduated from da 'well.