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Crosby doesn't suck: Sidney Crosby and Kris Letang scored in the shootout as the Penguins sent 19,689 Philadelphians home disappointed following a 3-2 Penguin victory. Luckily, Philadelphia is not as hard as Pittsburgh on their athletes (according to Ryan Clark), so maybe the fans have already forgotten about it.

Both Penguin regulation goals were on the power play, with one by Bill Guerin and the other by Crosby. It was the first time since November 28 that the power play generated more than one goal.

Marc-Andre Fleury saved 31 of 33, and Crosby kept his perfect 2009-10 shootout record going (he's now 5-for-5). The Pens next travel to Buffalo for a Saturday night matchup. [PG]

Is this the reason for the Flyers' swoon? Deadspin examines the latest Scott Hartnell-Jeff Carter rumor that's been circulating, and the history of stories like these. Whether this is true or false, things are definitely not well across the state. [Deadspin]

Ben and the Bus on different roads: The Steelers' QB had a message for former teammate Jerome Bettis, who officially buried the 2009 Steelers during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show.

Said Roethlisberger: "I guess he's entitled to his opinion. He's not on this team, he's not in this locker room, so he's just taking an outside view as all of you (media) guys are. If you don't know, I don't think you should speak on it.''

Not a good week for the Steeler-media relationship, which is looking strained, to say the least. At least no golf clubs have been involved. [Trib]

Matt Capps Derby in home stretch
: The former Pirate is selecting finalists soon, as if he's participating in a reality show called "The Closer". The Washington Nationals seem to be a leading contender to land a rose and advance to the next round. This guy clearly has a soft spot in his heart for bad treams [MLB Trade Rumors]

Another movie filming in Pittsburgh - This one stars Denzel Washington, Rosario Dawson, and Star Trek's Chris Pine, and is called Unstoppable. Channel 11 takes you behind the scenes. [WPXI]

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Steve said...

Amazing how the Pens can win the cup and almost 1/3 into the very next season lead the league in points and wins. No championship hangover here, no expecting to win based on last season's results and no injury excuses...all the while nursing a poorly performing special teams.

Maybe Bylsma should coach the Steelers.

The Taxidermist said...

If the Pens special teams get going, what can stop them from winning back to back?

The Mad Bubbler said...

What's to stop the Pens from winning back to back? Well, Crosby raping a girl in Las Vegas, Malkin accusing him of being a wuss, Fleury punching a towel dispenser and urinating in public, Bylsma promising to unleash hell but instead the Pens lose to the Islanders 4 times, Staal crying like a girl about the media...other than that, nothing

Steve said...

Injuries, or a very motivated under-dog who gets hot at the right time. See: The 1993 Islanders.

Borsk said...


You forgot giving up a shorthanded goal on every single Power Play opportunity.

Charlie Hildbold said...

true there's no hangover 1/3 of the way into the season, but technically 1/2 way through the Steelers' season we were fine as well (6-2, coming off a win at Denver). I like where this team is headed, but we need to be cautious before putting back into the championship hunt!

Borsk said...

I don't think the Steeler's season this year is a result of hangover, as dumb as that sounds. I think it's easy to look back and say "yep, they gave up", but...sometimes you just don't get the breaks or make the plays. Giving up an opening kickoff TD after a bye week and then a sequence of insanity did this team in.

No kickoff return TD means KC probably doesn't have any life, which means the Steelers don't go to OT and get Ben concussed. No concussion means no Hines Ward comments. You still might lose to B'More, but you certainly have the confidence to take out Oakland and Cleveland. I think it all stems from that single moment.

But, as they say, shoulda coulda would, hindsight is 20/20, none of that will erase the embarrassment of this season for the Steelers or change it's perception as a hangover.

LAB said...

I was at this game and actually, there were only about 16,500 flyer fans there. When Letang scored the first SO goal, that place was really noisy with cheering. It was a fantastic scene, as a pens fan.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

The Mad Bubbler with the late entry for post of the year