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The Pens and Flyers get it on tonight at the Wachovia Center, and as the above trifecta of clips from Tuesday's beatdown would illustrate, there is no love lost between the two teams.

A 6-1 win over Philadelphia always puts a smile on the face of a Penguin fan, but a win on Philly ice always holds a special place. Between February 7, 1974 and February 2, 1989, the Penguins played 42 games at the Spectrum and won a grand total of zero. That's right, 0-39-3. And we thought it was a big deal when the Browns went a few years between wins against the Steelers.

The good news coming out of the Pens' morning skate is that Bill Guerin participated and will play tonight. Guerin sat out of practice yesterday after being hit in the leg with a shot against Philadelphia on Tuesday. It's good to have all hands on deck when going against the Flyers, and the guys certainly sound like they are ready for battle (says Evgeni Malkin: "I'm ready. I have a helmet.")

Here's hoping tonight once again gives us a jubilant Penguin team leaving the ice in Philly just like they did after Game 3 in 2008.

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The Mad Bubbler said...

Wait a minute, the Pens are in first place, no teammates are fighting with each other, and no players are bashing the fans/media?? BOOOOOORRIIIING

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Actually, it is boring. And I, for one, kinda like it that way.

Look, check the message boards and stuff when something goes wrong, they're ALWAYS going to be busier than when things are running smoothly.

So if a zillion people aren't on here bitching about something, that's a GOOD thing.

Any chance Sid reclaims the Hart this year?

Steve said...

What? You mean with all the injuries, not one player criticized another’s "toughness"?

Good game last night. The Flyers played much better but Fleury was the difference and put an exclamation on that fact in the shootout.

Malkin didn't play well for the most part and he's looked off for most of the season actually. Only on a couple occasions so far has he dominated the way he is capable. Hopefully he'll find that spark during the playoff stretch.

Crosby one again proves he owns the Flyers, yet they insist on the Pavlovian, moronic chanting. Is there precedent in any other sport? To be someone else's bitch and still have those fans chanting in ignorant defiance amazes me.
I don't get the purpose of it, or the gall. Crosby even admits that he wouldn't know how to react if anything changed so if anything, they'd maybe start thinking, "Ya, know guys, this ain't exactly working", but it gets worse and more orchestrated every time. They're this close to barber shop harmonies. Baffling bitter idiocy to say the least.