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The Pirates are on the verge of their first major offseason move, which would be the signing of Oakland infielder Bobby Crosby.

Crosby, who hit .223/.295/.357 in 272 plate appearances for the A's in 2009, is the son of former major leaguer Ed Crosby and was the 2004 AL Rookie of the Year after taking over for Miguel Tejada. Crosby is a lifetime .239 hitter and has not reached double-digit home runs since hitting 22 in that 2004 ROY season. It looks like another instance of a bargain-bin player trying to rehab his career in Pittsburgh. Try hard to contain your enthusiasm.

In other Pirate news, Ryan Doumit might be a Toronto Blue Jay very soon, according to the PG's Dejan Kovacevic. The Mariners and Giants are also in the mix on the oft-injured backstop. A hot rumor is the possible inclusion of hard-throwing reliever Jeremy Accardo in a deal with Toronto, as he could be non-tendered on Friday. Accardo, 28, had a 2.55 ERA, 18 strikeouts, 4 holds, and 1 save in 24.2 innings last season.

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Adam said...

What does this do to Ramon Vasquez?

Dejan has said Huntington wants a middle infielder to "push" Cedeno, but shouldn't we already have that in the 2 million doller bench warmer Vasquez?

Here's to hoping it's the end of the road for #5.

Steve said...

I can't even think part of the Pirates reasoning in signing him wasn't his name. Meaning: if his name was Butch Dungherder he would have been passed on, which again means: Pirates signings are simply a more expensive (or cheaper, depending on how you look at it) version of the tried and proven bobblehead/fireworks thing. You just know if there was a 30-year old AA hack named Roy Paul Amalu, or Ken Rothlisburger they'd be Pirates faster than you can say "snake oil salesmen".

Nate said...

Steve: Except for the fact that Crosby is the only MLB starter at SS available in this year's free agent market, and that before they targeted him, they were pushing for Adam Everett who stayed with Detroit instead.

But yeah. It's ONLY because his name's Crosby,

Steve said...

Sorry, but I agree with Collier...Ramiro Pena anyone?

Regardless of names, this was a move that was better left unmade. Throwing bad money after bad money is not going to improve the Pirates SS troubles. Signing an inadequate player for $1.5 million to breath down the neck of another inadequate player is pointless unless your a team that has nothing better to do with that money. I'd rather they invested it in some useless Iranian pitching prospects. What it comes down too is the Pirates hadn't traded away a decent SS, this wouldn't be an issue in the first place.