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Many a Steeler fan (and non-Steeler fan, for that matter) has taken the opportunity to point out the irony of Hines Ward missing this week's game just a short while after he made controversial comments about his concussed quarterback missing the Baltimore game.

Now, the concussed quarterback has addressed said irony:
"Hines will do what's best for Hines, I'm sure," Roethlisberger said of Ward today. "We're not going to make any quick decisions on Hines because we know he still may be out there. I don't really know what the situation is with him yet."
Feel free to interpret those words in any manner you wish. Personally, I just wish Hines would've kept his thoughts to himself in the first place and not aired them in front of a national audience. There was really nothing to be gained for anyone from that. It wasn't going to make Roethlisberger play against Baltimore and it certainly wasn't going to help team chemistry. You would think a highly-regarded veteran like Ward would've considered that beforehand, and if he did, I'm disappointed that he followed through.

All I know for sure is that this is the second "Super Bowl hangover" (man, do I hate that phrase) that this franchise has experienced in the past three seasons, and that's incredibly disappointing. Sure, a play here, a play there, and the Steelers might have eight, nine, even 10 wins right now. Unfortunately, that's not how things have played out. The Steelers have six wins and six losses, and the playoffs are more a wish than a certainty at this point in the season. Leaders show their true value in the bad times, not the good. If this team has any true leadership (which I'm really starting to question), now is the time to make it known. And put this tiresome melodrama to bed.

Roethlisberger: Hines will do what's best for Hines [PFT]

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SantoGold said...

Soounds like a pretty smug comment to me. I also think that there must be some real locker room problems for this stuff to keep coming out. I can't blame Ben for taking a mild shot here at Hines, but in the interest of team harmony, I expected him to let it pass.

So who rules the locker room Hines or Ben? Check back after Week 15 when the team votes for MVP. Two years ago Ben had a stellar season and somehow James Harrison was voted MVP. I'm guessing this year its Hines Ward in a landslide and a "message vote".

BURGH08 said...

Look on the bright side. You can't have a 'Super Bowl hangover' without winning a Super Bowl.

Ward certainly put his foot in his mouth, but I think it's been magnified way too much. The irony about Ward's status just gives it more legs.

Kaschok68 said...

I've heard from sources that Ben has turned into a Primadonna. He has made the team charter plane late numerous times including a hour late a few weeks ago... Is smug to fans and employees of hotels and business's he frequents even going as far as telling a bar owner of a bar he goes to in the north hills that he shouldn't have to pay a $10 cover because he brings in business.... I can think of 100 million reasons why he can afford a 10 dollar cover. Maybe Tomlin needs to sit down with his whole team and remind them to be humble.

Chip said...

And Ben wonders why 50% of the team (I'd imagine it's closer to 75) hates his reconstructed face. He has all the leadership skills of a thumbtack. He game manages us to one Super Bowl, screws up another season because he's too dumb to wear a helmet, whines about imaginary "injuries" left and right, drags the team into a rape case, and now acts like a pissy little girl to one of the toughest Steelers EVER.

No wonder nobody on that team wants to follow him. What a dick.

tcnpsu said...

Hines hit a boiling point obviously when he made those comments. Weve all been at that point and probably did something out of character. Usually though we do those things for a reason. Ben has been a let down. Sure he can throw the ball just about as well as anyone. But, when was the last time any of us has seen him pick up a first down with his feet? He's not the same guy, the team knows this, and the size of his gut and chubby cheeks prove it!

okel dokel said...

Mr. Tomlin has his work cut out with this team and it may be time to part ways with some of the veterans for team chemistry.

I am not sure if either Hines or Ben is right, but I do know that Ben will be here longer. Just sayin'

I am not saying to get rid of Hines.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Ok, look, I love Ben as our QB. But he IS a bit of a Primadonna, I don't think anybody would really question that. Now, he is acting like a 5 year old who is taking his ball and going home. Trust me, I did the same thing until I was 21, only difference is I wasn't the QB for the great franchise in sports.

Hines SHOULD NOT HAVE SAID what he said. With that out of the way, the guy played in SB XL with a separated shoulder and SB XLIII with a sprained MCL. I am not going to question his toughness anymore than I would question Ben's.

Ben loves the spotlight and attention as much as Hines and he loves everything being about him. Not a doubt in my mind. Most professional athletes have egos too big for their helmets, that almost goes without saying. But there is a huge problem in that locker room, not a doubt in my mind.

Also, does anybody think that Arrogance catering to Ben becoming a fantasy QB has hurt at all?

BurressWithButterflywings said...

i also heard the same story about the $10 cover charge, was that at Cabana Bar?

Someone Somewhere said...

Uh...maybe, just maybe this his comment was said in jest trying to poke fun at Hines Ward and make light of the situation from last week? I think #7 knows better than anyone that Hines Ward is one of the toughest guys in the game. There was no way he should have been able to go in SB 43, but comes out anyway and makes a big play on the first drive. I know that Steeler fan sees no room for fun or jokes during a 4 game losing streak, but I find it a bit laughable that people are getting bent out of shape and piling on Roethlisberger in these comments. Do you have a better suggestion for the quarterback of the team? WHAT, a superstar athlete is an egotistical maniac??? NO WAY?!??! What's next, the sky being blue? Last time I checked his job was: Quarterback, Pittsburgh Steelers not "best friend to promoters, reveling fans, groupies and douchebags at a bar". Really? I could care less about what kind of person he is at the local watering hole...I'll take the baggage when the same guy is leading his team to one of the greatest winning drives in Super Bowl history.

Steel997 said...


Ben deserved to make the "smug" comment and I actually feel he should have dug at Hines even more. If you can't take it, you shouldn't dish it out Mr. Ward. I also think though that Someone Somewhere has it right, ben was just taking a little jab at Hines in jest.

@Kaschok68 - please share with us who your sources are? And, so nice of you to quote the artcile in the PG from August and try to pass it off as stuff you've heard.

@tcnpus - um, I believe Ben ran for a 1st down this past Sunday, but it was called back because someone was called for holding.

Some Steelers fans are just unbelievable. Their continued hatred and bashing of whoever has the starting QB job just baffles me.