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Don Cannon was arrested. Sad news from the state of California, where former WTAE and KDKA newsman Don Cannon was arrested on bench warrants issued for failure to serve his sentences for two DUI convictions in Allegheny County. The 69-year-old Cannon (real name Donald James Clark), moved to the West Coast after his October 2008 DUI convictions in Upper St. Clair and Bethel Park.

As the Morning Freak Show blog wisely pointed out, he was pretty much the Pittsburgh version of Ron Burgundy - and they've got the videos to prove it. [Trib, 96.1 Morning Freak Show]

Mark Eaton is hurt. It wouldn't be a day of the week unless a Penguin was injured, and today's lucky winner is Mark Eaton, who is experiencing back spasms. Chris Lee was recalled in case Eaton can't go. If not, Lee should probably stick around, because I'm sure someone else will get hurt. []

Max Talbot and Sergei Gonchar are healthy. Talbot will be making his season debut tonight against Ottawa, while Gonch will lace them up for the first time since breaking his wrist on October 20. I say they play the game encased in bubble wrap just to be safe. [Trib]

Jason Bay turned down $60 million dollars. "I laugh at your paltry offer," said the former Pirate slugger. Well, he actually didn't say that. But imagine the look on Theo Epstein's face if he did. [ESPN]

James Harrison got himself fined. The 2008 Defensive Player of the Year has $5,000 less to his name today thanks to his punch of Cincinnati OT Andrew Whitworth on Sunday. The punch landed on Whitworth's helmet, which I'm sure is very badly bruised from the incident. [PG]

The Pirates are reportedly getting $80 million from MLB. And that's before tickets, parking, or concessions. Maybe they could use some of that Major League moolah to bring back Jason Bay? No? How about Derek Bell, strictly for nostalgic/comedic purposes only? [Bob Smizik Blog]

Pitt vs. Miami? The two teams are definitely playing next year at Heinz Field, but if the USA Today projections are correct, they will meet in this year's Gator Bowl on New Year's Day. Which incorrectly (I hope) assumes that Pitt will be beaten by Cincinnati on December 5. [USA Today]

Deer Gone Wild: Seems that our area has a little bit of a problem with the local Bambi population (as this story about the overwhelmed and severely backed-up dead deer collector would illustrate.) [PB&G, WTAE]

Hines Ward, Humanitarian. #86 is continuing his commendable work with biracial children from South Korea, and here is a round-up of some of the interesting and helpful endeavors Hines has participated in recently. [Brian in Jeollanam-do]

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SmokeyMaverick said...

Could it be that the deer population is not just exploding.... but we are exploding into their territory?

Not to get all snobby or anything - but I can't help thinking about Cranberry - that used to be fields upon fields, and is now housing plans upon strip malls upon housing plans - ugh.

Brian said...

That's a good point, Mav, it's not as simple as having too many deer. My parents live in the North Hills, and I live overseas, and every summer when I go back for a couple weeks I stumble across a new development in what used to be woods. Sad to see downtown dying out while they're building strip mall after strip mall after condo complex on what ought to remain undeveloped.

Steve said...

Old news to me...I've been getting the same numbers as Jayson Stark for what the Pirates bring in before the gates even open for the past few years. Any dill-hole who knows his pluses and "goes-in-tas" can figure this out and I once calculated that with the meager but better than deserved attendance the Pirates get and what an average fan pays for a day at the ball park, the Pirates (very conservatively) bring in over $120 million year.

Contrary to Selig, I find it very hard to believe that they are barely making any money after all organizational expenses are included. That is, unless they light cigars with $50's, and the toilet paper they use is made from gold.

I know Limbaugh fans, it's a business and it's their right to make and spend as much money as they want in a capitalistic society, blah, blah, blah...that's not the point. The point is, they clearly have the money to spend on better players whether it's through the draft, or free agency while still making a tidy profit and they won't. That's what will keep you so called "real fans" from ever seeing a championship baseball team in Pittsburgh because no matter how lucky they get in obtaining cheap, quality talent, when they day comes to pay and keep them, they'll trade them away instead of cutting into earnings.

As long everyone's aware and ok with this then by all means, go to as many games as you want, buy a new players jersey every season, whatever...just don't criticize people who were once fans, knew every little stat about every player on the team past and present and grew up with this team when they were supposed to win and often did but is staying away from this living, breathing abortion until either ownership changes, or changes it's ways.

Sorry for the ramble, (Jesus Christ, I feel like Adam) I'm simply a fan of competitive sports, not minor league hacks, bobbleheads, tight fisted owners and perogie races and for you kids who've never seen the Pirates win a World Series and think it's cool to be a fan of the underdog, misfit team hoping you can ride the losing long enough to someday see this team win and tell everyone "I told you so", well...come back in about 30 years and tell me if you're still buying tickets. I bet you'll be just like me still waiting for a good enough reason.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Stacking your minor leagues with quality talent is the only way for the smaller markets to compete. They are doing that, somewhat...although the lowball offer to Sano puzzles me (all this talk all summer about how talented this kid is, and the ownership believed they were the only ones interested?) I'm still in the camp of watching the young talent develop and (hopefully) contribute to getting us to the top of the division.

If not, no skin off my back. There's still some championship caliber teams in this city to watch...

Anonymous said...

TOo bad about Don Cannon. Not saying it's not his own fault, but he's a good guy. I worked out at the Bally's near South Hills Village for many years and Cannon was a regular there. Always a nice guy. Stay classy.