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Troy Polamalu has really taken his crossover appeal to another level since winning a second Super Bowl (unless you've missed the endless Head and Shoulders ads, Madden cover or Jimmy Fallon appearance), and as the latest example, he was chosen to appear in a public service ad alongside President Barack Obama.

The 90-second PSA promotes the league's "Play 60" campaign, which encourages physical activity to combat childhood obesity, as well as the president's community service initiative, "United We Serve". Also appearing in the spot will be New Orleans' Drew Brees and Dallas Cowboys Demarcus Ware. The ad, which shows Obama and the players on the White House lawn playing touch football with local kids, will debut during the Thanksgiving day games and will run in an abbreviated version throughout the remainder of the season.

Steelers' Polamalu to Appear in PSA with President Obama [WPXI]

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Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

Before someone comes in here and inevitably starts bitching about politics may I also say that Gonch and Mad Max are back tonight!!!!

Billkamm said...

Someone is really going to bitch about Obama encouraging children to exercise?

we have some serious issues if people have an issue with that.

Anonymous said...

No kidding! said...

Troy,just get healthy and play. Supporting the weak, controversial, and seldon sincere President will not get us to another Super Bowl. At least let the suffering lower income people of our nation enjoy football without politics or weak Presidential governance take that away from us.

A true Steelers fan,

Jack Lambert

Constant Gardener said...

I suppose it would have been slightly inappropriate for Troy to take out the cute little girl (a la Peyton Manning's SNL skit), but part of me was hoping.