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If you thought the Steelers' defense had problems playing without Troy Polamalu, that was just the beginning. Their concerns just multiplied with the news that DE Aaron Smith could be out up to three months due to pending surgery on his right rotator cuff on Friday. That would put his return sometime in the mid-January range, which means Mike Tomlin could have a decision on his hands: to IR or not to IR. Interesting.

While Smith does not get the "national" praise that Polamalu receives, make no bones about it - this is a tremendous loss for the defense; if it's not as big as losing Polamalu, it's pretty close.

Rookie Ziggy Hood will be part of the rotation in Smith's stead, but being that he is not quite ready for prime time, it's not going to be his gig exclusively. Travis Kirschke and Nick Eason will also be in the mix.

In other injury news, it looks like safety Troy Polamalu and RB Willie Parker will be back in action for Sunday's game against Cleveland. So at least there was some good news to come from Mike Tomlin at his Tuesday press conference.

Aaron Smith out with shoulder injury [PG]
Smith to undergo surgery []

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

ruh roh

me thinks post SB curse?

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Oh man! Remember how awful we were at stopping the run a few yrs ago after Mr. Smith tore his bicep? I sure hope Zig Diggity is ready!!! If not, maybe Hokey should slide over & rotate at end with the others?

Ruh roh, indeed! (I couldn't have said it more eliquently myself)

Unknown said...

Bullshit Ziggy isn't ready. Just because Steelers let rookies rot on the pine doesn't mean he isn't ready

Steve said...

At least with Smith out, we have some half decent players to try filling his shoes with, as opposed to Polamalu and the hole he left at saftey and overall defense. Personally, I like our chances with a much improved secondary and a D-line with a spare wheel, versus what we had going on defense the first 5 weeks of the season. I just hope Hood is adequate.