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Dave Dameshek and I had plenty to talk about for this week's podcast, and if he didn't cut it off at some point we'd probably still be going. Such is the life of a Pittsburgh sports fan these days - if we're not talking about one championship team, we're talking about another. It's a great time of year.

This 'cast had ample talk about Sunday's Steeler-Lion game, as I elaborated a little more on what I liked and disliked from the Black and Gold beyond my initial post-game thoughts. We then spent some considerable time discussing the Boys of Winter and the start of their 2009-10 season, as talking points included the national (or should I say international) perception of the Pens, why Alex Ovechkin is a good thing for hockey, the upside of one Jordan Staal, and the (Alleged) Bite Heard Round the NHL.

There's also a new twist to the podcast, as it will also be streaming on ESPN 1250's website during the 1-2 PM hour on Tuesday. That's right, you can now listen to me after lunch. Hopefully, you won't then lose it. Just to be safe, I'd recommend eating light.


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