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Remember the highlight of Sunday's Steeler-Bear game, when safety Tyrone Carter blasted off on TE Greg Olson and gave highlight shows their marquee hit of the week? Well, I hope you all enjoyed it, because it's going to cost Mr. Carter a cool five grand:
"Yeah, they banged me for the hit. $5,000. Unreal," said Carter, who was starting for the injured Troy Polamalu and planned to test his bruised left thigh in individual workouts -- without contact -- in this afternoon's practice before he plays Sunday in Cincinnati. "They said I lead with the crown of my helmet. I watched the play over and over again [on tape} and I hit him in the shoulder, I didn't hit him in the head. So I don't know. Ask the league. Of course, I'm going to appeal. I'm not going to let them just take my money just for nothing.

"He was a big-target receiver, he's like 6-6 or something like that. Here I am 5-9. How am I going to hit a guy 6-6 in the head? And I got hurt on the play. It's crazy. But that's what they said and that's what they fined me for, but I can't let that stop me how I play the game.
Hines Ward gets a new rule for his hit on Keith Rivers and he says he'd do it again. Ty Carter gets fined and he says he that won't change the way he plays the game. Either the Steelers are extremely true to themselves or they just enjoy giving away money and getting rules unofficially named in their honor. I'm guess it's the former.

Steelers' Carter fined for hit [PG]

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Unknown said...

But Mr. Carter has to throw out those big hits in order to make up for him repeatedly being late on the play.

It was fantastic to see him crumble that big SOB though, wasn't it?

Unknown said...

total bs - good, clean hit!

Steve said...
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Steve said...

No one was complaining about his lateness when he destroyed Welker and killed McGahee last season.

No one can expect him to replace Polamalu and defend against the pass as well as he does, so as long as he gives 110% of what he's got (and that's breaking the other teams players in two) I'll never knock him.

It's not like he's DeWayne Washington who could neither tackle, hit, or pass defend.

Unknown said...

Wasn't that Ryan Clark who blew up Welker up in New England last year?

I'm not 100 percent sure about McGahee but I thought that was Clark as well.

And about Ty Carter's lateness...I'm not asking for him to keep up with speedy wideouts. It would just be nice if he could stay atop of the opposing tight-end.

AJ said...

Could be worse, Tank Carter got sent to prison.

Unknown said...

I've watched it a couple times now and I truly think it was a clean hit.