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--Being that the Bengals' twice-a-year Super Bowl against the Steelers is coming up on Sunday, the banter has officially begun. Yesterday, the topic was Hines Ward's season-ending hit of Bengals LB Keith Rivers last year. And Hines had some Hines-like thoughts about the incident when asked if he would do it again, given that the hit resulted in a new rule outlawing such blows:

"I'll still hit him," Ward said Wednesday in Pittsburgh. "I'll just get fined. There's nothing I can do about it. It's either that or try to hurt somebody. So are you going to fine me, or do you want me to end someone's career? I'd rather take a fine than try to end somebody's career, so I'm not going to change."

--In other news of #86, he's "Studying plays against Cincy and watching HGTV all day. Hope we can get a win and I personally reach 10K yards", according to his Twitter feed.

Seriously, what did we do before Twitter? Aren't our lives better knowing that Hines is an HGTV addict and Eric Tangradi lives at the Cheesecake Factory?

--I wrongly opined in 2007 that the Pirates hit rock bottom, but they've once again managed to top themselves. The 12-2 loss to Cincinnati last night moved the team's record to a mind-blowing 3-22 in their last 25. I'd make a wisecrack here, but honestly, I think I've used all of them up over the last three-plus years. I think apathy is finally beginning to set in.

--The G-20 dignitaries in town are getting gift bags, and I'll give you one guess as to what yellow cloth item frequently waved by football fans is included. There are also some G-20 events that were open to bloggers, and here's a recap of what was happening there.

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The Mad Bubbler said...

Here's my impression of a Pirates season. February: Pirates acquire some player that is supposed to make the team better (Sean Casey, Adam LaRoche, etc), idiots get excited. April: Pirates off to a decent start, more idiots get excited. May: Weather turns nice, idiots have nothing else to do, go to a Pirate game. July: Pirates trade everybody good, get prospects, idiots get excited about the future of the team. August: Pirates lose every game, idiots say "well this team is young, I trust the new management, give them time." (trusting the new management is like trusting the new leader of North Korea once Kim Jong steps down). September: Pirates win their last 7 games, idiots hopes for next season rise. October: Bob Nutting and co count their $30 million. Rinse...wash...repeat. It will never change as long as people go to the games, watch the games, talk about the Pirates.
See you in the spring, idiots.

Chip said...

Bubbler, that pretty accurately sums up the insanity which infects baseball fans in the Steel City. Even though other teams have rebuilt themselves WITHOUT GOING 3-22 FOR A MONTH, even though it's obvious to anybody with half a brain our GM is a moron, even though Nutting clearly isn't trying to win and the future is as bleak as ever... Still there will be 30,000 pathetic suckers at PNC on April 1st next season. Sad.

Oh and a couple months back I made a comment about how come nobody tries to pick up babes at Cheesecake Factory anymore. Like 5 people replied with some sort of snide comment. I'm glad Eric Tangradi set the record straight. Everybody knows nobody in this town parties like the Pens.

Steve said...

Hahaha...babes at the Cheesecake Factory!...Oh such comedy!