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The world convened on Pittsburgh, PA today for the G-20 summit, and that meant an opportunity for a blog post - if only I could tie it in to the local sports scene. Luckily, finding some good stories didn't require much digging today and practically wrote themselves.

Want the recipe for an embarrassment? Take a baseball team that's 3-22 in their last 25, add an opponent who has owned them for the majority of the season, drop in an international conference that ties up local roads, and add an afternoon start as a garnish. The result is the first photo shown, direct from the Pirates' latest loss to the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday. If you're scoring at home, may I first ask why? Then let me give you the numbers: the Bucs are 2-9 in September, 0 for their last six, and 56-95 overall. 11 games left. 11 games left. 11 games left.
Photo two comes from Joe D. (no, not Joe DiMaggio), who snapped it while watching our city get attacked by protesters who are protesting anything they can protest. Protest! But I think this Pens fan got his days mixed up. Nice cup, though. Now let the protesters get back to their hard work, smashing windows at KFC and Boston Market (which they did on Thursday). Protest!

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