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With just a tad less fanfare than the national holiday known as NFL Schedule Release Day, Major League Baseball released their 2010 schedule today.

Locally, this is usually the day to see what opponents will be coming to PNC Park to beat the Pirates in person, highlighting just how low the bar is set for the home team. And with that once again being the case in 2010, here are some of the matchups of interest:

-The season opens at home (yes, at home) on April 5 against the Dodgers

-Immediately following the Dodger series, the Pirates head to Arizona and San Francisco for six games

-Interleague play starts June 11 at Detroit against Jim Leyland's Tigers. Jim Leyland, if you remember, is the former Pirate manager who failed to reach the World Series three consecutive years and then bailed on the team for greener pastures, yet remains curiously beloved in the city.

-Home interleague series include the Chicago White Sox (again) on June 15 and the force-fed Cleveland Indians "rivalry" on June 18.

-The interleague portion ends with rare trips to Texas and Oakland, wrapping up on June 27. Finally, the question of "How would Jack Cust fare against Ross Ohlendorf?" will be answered.

-The All-Star break is July 13 in Anaheim. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict one Pirate will be there.

-The final home series is September 24-26 against Houston. Attendance may hit four digits for that series.

-The regular season wraps up October 1-3 with a series against the Florida Marlins. I'm again going to go out on a limb and guess that these games will be meaningless.

So in the seven-plus months until that first pitch is thrown, we will watch other teams compete in the postseason for a 17th straight year, watch Neal Huntington navigate through free agency, witness another round of propaganda at PirateFest, and have hope spring eternal at Bradenton. The other option is focusing on NFL football until February, hockey from now into the summer, and college sports through the winter and spring. It's your call.

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The Mad Bubbler said...

Please quit talking about the Pirates

JW said...

So will the playoffs start Oct. 4 or 5?

Steve said...

The only information I would find remotely important about the Pirates is:

A: Will they finish last overall and secure the first pick.

B: Our prayers are finally answered and Nutting is forced to sell the team to bail out his failing newspaper business.

C: Mario Lemieux and Ron Burkle buy the team and Bryce Harper delivers my season tickets.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I have a marketing suggestion for the Pirates:

Place a couple of machines in PNC Park where fans can make their own T-shirts in which they can put the names and numbers of current Pirates' players on the back and the team they think the player will be traded to on the front. Do it for $20 a pop and if you guess the right team, you get your $20 back!

Unknown said...

there are no matchups of interest pertaining to the pittsburgh pirates...period.

JW said...

So who do you think will start Game 1 of the NLDS for the Bucs next year--Maholm, Duke, or Ohlendorf?

BurressWithButterflywings said...

One of the guys may start game one of the NLDS next year, but it wont be in a Pirates uniform.

nuthinhere said...

The other option is focusing on NFL football until February, hockey from now into the summer, and college sports through the winter and spring. It's your call.

That still leaves July. What to do that month? It's before Steeler training camp, after a Penguins playoff run, & no college sports.