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In 2005, Tommy Maddox had a four-turnover game against Jacksonville that resulted in a Steeler overtime loss on a Rashean Mathis "walk-off" interception return for a touchdown. And Steeler Nation did not take it well. The story goes that garbage was tossed on the Maddox family's lawn and their kids were harassed at school - totally appropriate behavior if their father cannot meet the lofty quarterbacking standards of Pittsburgh. Accounts of the incidents vary - Mrs. Maddox says they didn't happen, while Mr. Maddox says they did - but whatever the case, it's made a great story/urban legend over the years.

On Monday night, with Buffalo on their way to an upset road win against the New England Patriots, kick returner Leodis McKelvin made the decision to run back the kick as opposed to taking a knee. And he kept fighting for more yards. And he fumbled. The rest, as you know, is history. Tom Brady threw a touchdown, New England won, and the universe was back in sync. They preserved their top spot on Peter King's Fine Fifteen for another week.

As for McKelvin, his popularity in Buffalo these days hovers between that of Kanye West and someone with the swine flu. And just to prove it, Bills fans took a page from the Pittsburgh fan manual and trashed McKelvin's yard.

These kinds of incidents are downright scary, if only for the effort someone goes through to carry out this plan. You've got to find the player's residence, load a bunch of trash into your vehicle, and arrange it on the player's lawn, all while trying not to be seen. I've heard of fan devotion before, but this hurdles across the line into fanaticism. It's unfortunate that people like this will be lumped in with all the other non-garbage-throwing Bills fans, but those are the breaks. At least Steeler Nation now has another franchise to keep us company in this unfortunate category.

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Steve said...

Meh...big deal. As a kid, I've had my house TP'd and did it to others too and in hindsight; it's a punk thing to do but no one gets hurt. Now seeing as this guy no doubt doesn't cut his own grass, or do yard maintenance etc., he probably has someone to clean up this mess for him anyway so unless there was some immediate danger to him or his family, I don't see it as being that big a deal. It's not like they set his hedges on fire, threw a rock though the front window, or kicked him in the nuts...You know, the things everyone would have felt justified doing to to O'Donnell.