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For the three of you who still care, some notes on our historic Pittsburgh Pirates:

--A day after setting the record for their 17th consecutive losing season, the Pirates allowed eight straight hits to the Cubs to start last night's game, which tied a MLB record. In case you're wondering, yes, they lost 9-4. High points included Garrett Jones' 19th home run and the Arnold Palmer 80th birthday ceremony. Kevin Hart vs. Carlos Zambrano at 12:35 today. [ESPN, PG]

--Vote in the Sports Pickle poll for the Pirates' high point in the past 17 years (not counting the Arnold Palmer ceremony).

--Lengthy articles on 17 were all around. Here's one from's Howard Bryant ("Lost Pirates recharting their course") with a quote from old friend Tom of Rum Bunter fame.

--And from SI's Joe Posnanski, "Pittsburgh's certainly not alone in baseball's era of futility". Some great/bad stats in here.

--Danny Murtaugh for the Hall of Fame? Sure, why not. It's not like we have many other candidates from the organization. [PB&G]

--Jason Bay hits the town in Boston. Apparently he stole Frank Sinatra's hat for the occasion. []

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Sean said...

It might be the hat, but Jason Bay looks like he's 45. Has he aged that significantly since moving to Boston?

AJ said...

You tend to look older when you're not constantly surrounded by little leaguers.