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With the regular season finally upon us, it's time for an actual game preview. And preview I did, bravely going behind enemy lines to infiltrate the mind of a Tennessee Titan blogger, Andrew Strickert of Total Titans. Andrew answered a few of my Titan-related questions for my site, and I answered his Steeler-related questions for his site, which can be found by clicking here. See, Steeler and Titan fans can get along.

Without further adieu, here are my five questions about the Titans and Andrew's answers:

MONDESI'S HOUSE: Despite the occasional big play, Nate Washington always managed to frustrate Steeler fans with untimely cases of the drops. Given the fat contract he scored in the offseason, what are Titans fans expecting from the biggest star in Tiffin history, other than his insider info in week one?

ANDREW STRICKERT: I heard or read somewhere that Big Ben said he never saw eight men in the box when he had Washington on the field. What most Titans fans are hoping for is that Washington's ability to stretch the field will leave one less tackler for Chris Johnson and LenDale White to face near the line of scrimmage. I'll be content if his receiving stats are mediocre this year as long as he's able to keep defenses honest. The latest on him is that he's been doing a little running in practice and that he and his hammy will be gametime decisions.

MONDESI'S HOUSE: Other than stomping on a Terrible Towel, what does LenDale White have up his sleeve as far as penetrating a tough Steeler rush defense?

STRICKERT: LenDale will probably find it a lot easier to stomp on a towel. That front seven you have is really good - I like Hampton a lot. One thing that will help LenDale this year is his weight loss. You'll be a little surprised by his quickness hitting the hole when you compare that to the film of last year's game, or any of LenDale's games for the last several years.

MONDESI'S HOUSE: If Kerry Collins for some reason would go down in this game, what's a Titan fan's gut reaction when the keys get turned over to Vince Young? Season over?

STRICKERT: As for the gut reaction, you're probably right. After reflection, most Titans fans would probably look back to the 2007 season (that team went 10-6 in spite of Vince's poor play) and think this year's team should be strong enough to do the same. On the other hand, there are still a few staunch Vince Young supporters who would disagree.

MONDESI'S HOUSE: Given that we've watched Bill Cowher and Dave Wannstedt all these years, we've got an appreciation for a fine mustache. So Jeff Fisher is deemed as a good coach in our book on facial hair alone. But how is he perceived in Titan Land these days: great coach or leader of a team that never quite closes the deal?

STRICKERT: What, you don't like his goatee too? Since the team's arrival in Nashville, Fisher has always gotten a free pass from a segment of fans but that number is slowly dwindling. For the most part, he's still regarded as a great coach and is seldom blamed when the team loses.

MONDESI'S HOUSE: OK, it's prediction time. Tell us how bad the Titans are going to beat up the Steelers, and why.

STRICKERT: If the Titans are fortunate enough to win, I don't believe it will be by much. NBC couldn't have picked a better game to open the season with. The defending Super Bowl champions hosting the team with the best regular season record last year. Two great defenses should make it a close game and rain is in the forecast, which also tends to hold the score down. Chris Johnson's speed makes the difference. Titans 17, Steelers 16.

Thanks to Andrew in taking part. And remember to drop by Total Titans for my thoughts on the game. Just don't wave a Terrible Towel in LenDale White's face.

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MJ said...

Hey Andrew... Big Ben never saw eight in the box when Nate was on the field because he was the third receiver for obvious passing downs. We'll see what happens when he's your No. 1 receiver and on the field every down.

AJ said...

The comments on the other blog justifying the towel stomp are funny. "Don't wave those things in our house".

Sorry, Tennessee... you left the door to your house open so we made ourselves to home. If you don't want opposing fans in your stadium, then buy your own tickets. Scalpers sell to home team fans too.

Louis Lipps Sinks Ships said...

It's "without further ado", not adieu. You're making us look bad in front of all of the intellectual luminaries in Tennessee.