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The Pirates season has gotten so bad that I'm chastised on my own site at the mere mention of them, so let's try the angle of Pirates who aren't Pirates yet. I'm speaking specifically about Pedro Alvarez, who has just a bit of pressure on his shoulders as the future of the organization.

So far, young Pedro has held up well, with 27 HR and 95 RBI between single and double-A ball in his 2009 debut season. But he really broke loose today at the 2009 World Cup, hitting three home runs (one to each field) and knocking in six to pace Team USA to a 14-3 victory over Chinese Taipei in Torino, Italy. Not bad for a guy batting in the seven hole.

Alvarez's three home runs set an individual record for the tournament, and the USA's six as a team tied a tournament record. USA (6-1, 4-0 in round two) will next face Australia on Friday at 8 PM (2 PM ET) at Stadio De Benedetti in Piacenza, Italy.

Alvarez, who is batting .259 in the tournament with 4 HR and 9 RBI, has started all seven games for the US. He is joined on the team by Pirate farmhand Brad Lincoln, who is 1-0 with a 1.46 ERA in two starts. And might I add, it's nice to be able to report something positive for a change regarding the Pirates, even if it's only about prospects. I almost forgot what this felt like.

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Unknown said...

Don, chastised or not, lines like "it's nice to be able to report something positive for a change" is the exact reason for getting chastised in the first place ;)

The Mad Bubbler said...

The Steelers are defending their Super Bowl title, the Pens are getting ready to raise the banner, and Pitt is off to a great start. There's no need to cover an organization that makes $30 million a year and doesn't care about the product they put on the field.