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The Pirates do few things right, but those uniforms they wore on Friday night? A+.

--It's Steelers-Redskins tonight, and we can get an up close view of Laron Landry, who apparently is better than Troy Polamalu. [Washington Times]

--This article should keep you occupied for a while: Pittsburgh Magazine's annual Best (and Worst) of Pittsburgh. Finally, we have an answer to who gives the best dog massage in the city.
[Pittsburgh Magazine]

--Now Steve Nash is claiming Shaq stole the idea for Shaq Vs. from him. If nothing else, this show will generate some business for a lot of lawyers. []

--The first AP Top 25 poll is out, and Pitt is on the outside looking in, at 28. On the bright side, that was the highest ranking of any Big East team. BCS, here we come! []

--Out of all the reasons Dave Dameshek loves hockey, here's his top five reasons. [Puck Daddy]

--I've now officially seen everything: Don Banks has done a Power Ranking of the NFL's backup QBs. Somehow, Michael Vick lands at #2 despite missing the last two seasons. []

--Comparing the 1979 and 2009 Pirates, there's actually not much of a comparison. [Rum Bunter]

--Hines Ward wants to see Usain Bolt in the NFL. I'm guessing Al Davis totally agrees with him. [WPXI]

--Angels 3B Chone Figgins is actually a Pirate fan. I thought those went the way of the dodo bird? [Pirates Report]

--A North Allegheny grad will be taking on Cat Cora on Sunday's night episode of Iron Chef. Will he be wearing a black and gold chef hat? [PG]

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Unknown said...

I'm about as big a football nut as anyone, and I can honestly say I've never even heard of Laron Landry. But yeah, I'm sure he's better than Polamalu...

Papa Eo said...

Landry is a pretty good safety, but please...Can you picture this EVER happening to Polamalu?

Unknown said...

Umm... Vick probably won't play QB. I don't know if anyone remembers, but he can't hit the broad side of a barn with his throw. He's an incredible athlete, but a terrible thrower.
See also: Vince Young