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Being that I really didn't get to see nearly enough of Saturday night's Steeler-Redskin game as I hoped to, my options for a Monday morning opening topic were rather limited. There's Dennis Dixon's separated shoulder, Jack Wilson's letter to Pittsburgh fans, and of course, an end to the winning streak of the white-hot Pittsburgh Pirates. Pishaw, I say. Let's lead off with some American Idols rocking Mellon Arena and waving the Terrible Towel and ease into the week with a story only vaguely having any connection to Pittsburgh sports. We'll work our way from the bottom up.

But seriously, I've got lots on tap for this week, so check back soon for some special non-American Idol-related surprises. And keep those emails and photos coming in for a mass compilation this week.

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Steve said...

My take from the latest preseason game is that the play of the offensive line is just as bad as it was last season and maybe worse. Unless there is a big improvement, there will be no inside running game this season (big surprise huh?) and I'll be surprised if Roethlisberger makes it to the bye without being sidelined with injuries at least once.

Defensively, Timmons looks lost. Outside of maybe the corners, he was usually the furthest Steeler away from making a tackle on any given play. I wouldn't have thought the absence of Foote would gave been so important to stopping the run but for whatever reason, the middle of the D line looks soft and mostly mediocre right now.

What's up with Dixon? For a QB who's resume is all about his ability to run if needed and create plays with his legs. He, or the coaches seem hell bent on keeping him in the pocket and other than his 17 yard scramble, I'd swear he was less of a threat to run with the ball than Batch. If they think they can be successful with him as a pocket QB and simply throwing the ball, I hope they never, ever need to find out. Thank God Vick didn't come here, since they would have shackled his legs anyway. Can Arians be any more conservative?

JW said...

I'm going to pretend I didn't see that American Idol pic.