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--Another Bettis in the NFL? No, just someone in the equipment department who didn't proofread their work. [Shutdown Corner]

--Not a good weekend for Kurt Angle. Not good at all. But his attorney says he is innocent. [WPXI]

--Six symbols of NFL dominance will be on display at the Heinz History Center until August 30. Enjoy responsibly. [Trib]

--The Pirates are holding open tryouts in Charleston, WV, on August 27. If things work out, you'll get a contract, play here for a few years, and graduate to Yankee pinstripes around 2015 or so. [WPXI]

--Can Frank Cignetti help what's traditionally been an underperforming Pitt offense? [PG]

--Isaac Redman scored five times from the one yard line on Sunday, as his 2009 Camp Darling status remains intact to everyone except Frank the Tank. [WPXI]

--Speaking of Mr. Tank, he's on the bubble in a projected look at the 53-man roster done by Behind the Steel Curtain.

--Big Ben dropped a healthy $8,000 donation on the City of Monongahela for the care of Benny, the city's police dog. Nice to have a dog-loving QB on your roster. [Valley Independent]

--Another "Top QBs" list, and once again, Roethlisberger lands outside of the top three. By the way, Drew Brees has officially taken over my anger once reserved for Carson Palmer. [Athlon Sports]

--Mark Madden says this may be the greatest headline ever. If not, it's gotta be in the top 5. I remember some good A-Rod headlines out of New York over the past year. [Mark Madden/WXDX]

--Gorzo beat the Buccos on Saturday, but Sunday's Cubs-Pirates rematch was wiped out due to "rain". Pittsburgh resumes their Season of Destiny on Monday night against the Milwaukee Brewers, with Kevin Hart matching up versus Carlos Villanueva. [PBC Blog]

--It's an inside peek at the Pirate-infused Washington Nationals locker room. This is what happens when the players of two bad teams collide. [Rum Bunter]

--Anyone want to buy Dan Marino's house? Anyone? [PB&G]

--Dave Dameshek recently ventured to Dodger Stadium. And so did this stranger's feet. [Dave Dameshek/]

--It's the Terrible Wedding Party, one of about a billion cool pictures at the PG's Blog 'n' Gold. [Blog 'n' Gold]

--A guy from Lower Burrell has a 9,000-item McDonald's memorabilia collection, but that creepy Ronald really stands above the rest. [PG]

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Tim said...

In the Isaac Redman link WPXI spelled Pittsburgh wrong in the Aug15th 11pm section......local news needs to at least get this right

Unknown said...

In defense of Brees, who I have had (along with THE BEN) as keepers in my fantasy league for the last three years: the guy can play. His team's record is mostly a symptom of their atrocious defense. Put him in New England, Indy, or Pittsburgh, and he would have a record similar to the incumbents there.

/Watched every Saints game last year thanks to the magic of DirecTV's eight-games-at-once format.

//Really, you should be more pissed about the inclusion of Elisha on that list ahead of THE BEN.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

brees is a very good QB, and a supporting cast does help out a lot with a players success/failures. if brees was playing for the steelers, he would probably have a better record, but i dont think he would have won 2 super bowl rings like ben. and if ben was the saints QB, i'm willing to bet they would have a few more playoff appearences.

people forget, that brees was kicked out of san diego for philip rivers, who has since taken the chargers to a place brees never could...the AFC championship, with pretty much the same team. brees makes these lists because of all the stats. and thats fine. who's career would you rather have terry bradshaw's or dan fouts?

BurressWithButterflywings said...

IS Kurt Angle going to be the next athlete to wind up dead?