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If anyone out there thought Pirate manager John Russell was part of the problem and not the solution, I've got some bad news: he will be back at the helm in 2010, according to Pirate president Frank Coonelly.

Personally, I don't think Casey Stengel in his prime could make much of a difference with this bunch (or any of the other past 16 stinkers this organization has trotted out, for that matter). Remember Gentleman Jim Tracy, the guy run out of town by Pirate fans a few years ago because he was "too laid back"? He apparently remembered how to manage again, because his Colorado Rockies are 65-53 and in the thick of the playoff race. By the way, the Rockies' record when he took over on May 29, 2009 was 19-28. That's a Tracy record of 46-25, for those of you scoring at home. While he managed the Pirates, Tracy's records were 67-95 and 68-94 in 2006 and 2007, respectively. But I'm sure it's just a wild coincidence that Russell is on pace for a similar record in his two years as Pirate manager.

Russell limps into this article nursing a ghastly 2-12 mark in August, part of a second-half freefall eased along by the trades of nearly every recognizable veteran on the already-talent-challenged roster. His two-year record currently stands at 113-165, and a second consecutive finish in the NL Central cellar seems inevitable. If anything, one would wonder why a person would willingly accept this slow torture as the man overseeing this tire fire of a team, but I guess John Russell is tougher than I thought.

Coonelly: Russell will be back in 2010 [PG]

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Koz said...

It's the same as with most of the players who wouldn't be roster-worthy on most MLB teams -- Russell is a warm body who can turn a lineup card in before every game. Does it really matter who manages this group? Other than the daily frustration, it's a can't lose (no pun intended) job for a guy trying to break into MLB management. He is destined to fail anyway so nobody expects anything; and if by some miracle he coaxes something out of this team, it's a hell of a resume builder.

Anonymous said...

who gives a shit... put on RENEGADE!!!! its time for the other team in town (a.k.a. world champs) to fire it up.