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--Here's Mr. Pretend Steeler Fan continuing his Summer 2009 Tour of Phoniness by posing with Philadelphia Flyers players while wearing an Eagles jersey. Yes, he truly bleeds black and gold. [96.1 Morning Freak Show Blog]

--Sidney Crosby had a rather unique birthday celebration. And here I thought he was going to spend it getting a free birthday burger at Red Robin. [PG]

--Matt Capps blew an eighth-inning lead and subsequently nailed Albert Pujols in the Pirates' 7-3 loss to St. Louis on Sunday. That's eight losses in a row for the Battlin' Bucs, who are thankfully off on Monday. Although I would put decent odds on this team finding a way to lose on an off day.[PBC Blog]

--The always-popular Steeler goal-line drills went down this weekend, and the defense got the best of the offense, 4-3. The bad news? Frank the Tank and Rashard Mendenhall could not penetrate the first-team defense. The good news? The first-team defense was able to hold off power backs like Frank the Tank and Rashard Mendenhall. []

--Rod Woodson was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and thanked Steeler Nation for booing him when he left to play for other teams. However, he did not thank Pittsburgh for failing to support Woodson's All-Star Grille. [PG]

--The Billy Mays toxicology report is back, and sadly, it's not pretty. [WWTDD]

--Darnell Stapleton's injury could be great news for Trai Essex. [Trib]

--Pirates and Orioles in the 2013 World Series? A person can dream. [Pittsburgh Fever]

--The $780 million Rivers Casino officially opened in Pittsburgh on Sunday. And a 63-year-old guy from Belleville with apparently nothing better to do stood in line for six and a half hours so he could be the first person through the doors. Before you ask, I am not 63 years old. [WPXI, PG]

--Time for your regular update on cowboy-hatted Roethlisberger accuser Andrea McNulty. [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

--This isn't really what goes on in Latrobe, is it? [PB&G]

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Real McCoy said...

Not surprised at all to see a 63 year old guy wait that long in line to be the first one in.

What else was he doing?

Waiting in line would be just as exciting as being inside for me.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

Snoop is now and has always been a joke.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

snoop is a spy working undercover for the steelers.

BURGH08 said...

Love the 'All Star Grille' comment. That was a nice place until he started arguing with the Steeler brass regarding his contract status. Then the place went empty.

I never really heard it much since his induction but I still have a little bitterness toward Woodson. He was given a fair offer at the time, rejected it, and though was his right, seemed to help spin it as the 'Cheap 'ol Steelers' moniker.

I guess time heals most wounds, but I don't really consider him in the Steeler type mould like the ones in Canton before him. Maybe it's just the post Super Bowl 70's era, or me remembering what a douche he acted when he left here.