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--Ben's appearance on The Shaq Show will go off as planned on Friday night at Ambridge's Moe Rubenstein Stadium. [PG]

--A private eye who helped Jerome Bettis clear his name in 2002 weighs in on the Roethlisberger case [WPXI]

--And here's the original story from '02 outlining the plot to extort Bettis [Trib]

--Ben's accuser is still employed by Harrah's [PFT]

--How will the charges affect Ben and the Steelers? [Times Online]

--More on ESPN completely ignoring the story [Awful Announcing]

--Mike Florio's take on ESPN's civil lawsuit policy [PFT]

--Roger Goodell is looking into the allegations [SI]

--As Deadspin points out, ESPN did break their silence...sort of. [Deadspin]

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Unknown said...

The PI in the WPXI link used to (and maybe still does) teach some admin. of justice classes at Pitt. I had him for Crimnology and White Collar Crime. Really intelligent guy, if he says this whole thing stinks, I'm taking his word for it.

jmarinara said...

Perhaps ESPN is ignoring the story because there isn't much to this story to begin with.

I mean the Awful Announcing article makes the comparison to Pacman Jone's. Please. Pacman was accused of a crime from day one, and had a history of bad behavior. Ben is being sued by, what looks like, to be a complete gold digger. Her case is flimsy at best.

Honestly, I wouldn't report on it until someone could show me that there was something to her case.

And no, this isn't homerism either. Yes, I love Ben, but. . . if she actually has some substantive proof (a witness, physical evidence, a past incident involving Ben, etc.) then I'll be the first on here saying the Steelers ought to suspend him until his name is cleared or he is criminally charged.

Until then. . . *yawn*. . . when does camp begin?

LeeTunnel said...

Can I give you my theory? Too late.

Ben returned for the Celebrity Golf Tournament a year after his consensual fling. The girl was thinking she was in for another fling this year, Ben said he wasn't interested this year and wala.