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It's been a while since Dave Dameshek and I last taped a podcast, as we were waaay overdue. I think he purposely "lost" my number, and I can't say I blame him. But we attempted to make up for it today with a lengthy segment that covers a variety of topics near and dear to your hearts.

We open with a back-and-forth on our beloved Pittsburgh Pirates, and what exactly they are attempting to do in trading virtually every player of name value. You probably know where I stand on The Neal Huntington Trade-a-Thon, but this time you get the added bonus of hearing it narrated through my naturally nerdy, Pittsburghese-flavored voice.

Next, it's on to the Mike Vick-to-the-Steelers rumors, and a little bit longer of a discussion on the "10 Reasons Why the Steelers Won't Sign Michael Vick" post from last night. Because if there's a topic I love discussing, it's this.

Finally, we dive into our first discussion about the upcoming Steeler training camp, specifically some issues facing the team beyond Ben Roethlisberger's civil case. I think there are storylines a-plenty with this year's team, and most of them are actually good. But I probably shouldn't spoil the entire segment, so let me just say that you probably will enjoy the discussion if you are a fellow member of the Black and Gold Goggle Society.

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