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Who's faster: Andrew McCutchen or Deion Sanders? I know one thing: McCutchen's probably a better tackler.

According to the All-Star Game Scoreboard, Jason Bay is still a Pirate. Does that mean we can give back Brandon Moss?

--And speaking of JBay, here's his All-Star diary, featuring Barack Obama, sniper awe, and Ichiro threatening to mess with his house. I don't get that last part, either. [WEEI]

--Dejuan Blair signed his contract with the Spurs, and it looks like money should not be a concern despite his second-round status. Blair scored a four-year deal (three years guaranteed), worth almost $4 million. [PG]

--The Stanley Cup continues its tour of the South Hills. I don't think it was back at Giant Eagle today, but I could be wrong. [WPXI]

--Thanks for the memories, Petr Sykora. I'm sure Dan Bylsma won't miss you after those parting comments. [The PensBlog]

--Colby Armstrong signed a one-year deal with Atlanta, which means he'll be a free agent next year. I can hear it now, can you... [Empty Netters]

--Lawrence Timmons is your 2009 AFC Breakout Player of the Year, capturing an eye-popping 38% of the SportsNation vote. With his newfound notoriety, I'm assuming he can pick out a new nickname, something totally original, something like "L.T." [ESPN]

--The Steelers have the toughest QB and the toughest player in the AFC North, according to a player survey. What, no love for Carson Palmer anymore? [ESPN AFC North Blog]

--Dave Dameshek has become very Twitter-friendly of late, so Tweet on by and say hello. And be sure to hear about his recent trip to the Playboy Mansion. To recap: that's one trip to the Playboy mansion and one appearance on the E! True Hollywood Story in a busy month for Mr. Dameshek. [Dave Dameshek Twitter]

--Lots of pressure is being heaped on Pitt QB Bill Stull's shoulders this year. At least he has Shady McCoy and LaRod Stephens-Howling to divert the attention of opposing defenses. Oh wait, he doesn't. [Pitt Blather]

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

I love the guys in the ESPN poll who wouldn't vote for Hines as toughest because they don't like the way he plays!

That tells you that you're doing something right!

Steve said...

Yup, if you're hated, chances are you're a great player. Unless it's your own teammates...then you suck.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

yeah, deion and mccutchen are pretty fast. but the race i want to see is will pennyfeather vs. tony womack

Real McCoy said...

No doubt that McCutchen is fast, but he made a really dumb base running mistake in a game against the Phillies getting doubled off on a long fly. It seemed like he had all kinds of time to get back, but lost track of the ball and was kind of jogging back and got thrown out.