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As we all know, early July is typically a very slooooow time for sports news, which would explain a rather mundane past week of blogging. So I'm looking for a little inspiration. And you're looking for something interesting. It's time to scratch each other's back.

Most of you seem to enjoy "The News", so I'm kindly asking for your interesting Pittsburgh-related photos, stories, questions, and links for a segment next week.

In return, Mondesi's House has teamed up with Mountain Dew to provide a Mountain Dew Game Fuel Prize Pack to one lucky reader who is chosen to have the best submission. As an extra thanks, Dew and WoW added a referral code to the link which will give Mondesi's House readers an additional 25 tokens per day! Use this link to redeem.

What's Game Fuel? I'm glad you asked. Here's a little more about it:

Mountain Dew and World of Warcraft have joined forces again to re-release Game Fuel - a favorite among Mtn Dew fans and gamers alike that was originally released for Halo 3.

In addition, Dew and WoW have created an interactive microsite where you earn tokens to redeem prizes like Razer gaming gear, Alienware laptops and a trip to Blizzcon ‘09. They’re also giving away a free 14 day trial to WoW to everyone who registers.

So there you have it. Dig through your photo archives, think of something thought-provoking, spin us a classic yarn, or pass along an interesting link. That's all you have to do for an entry. A winner will be announced on Thursday, July 23, so get your entries to or Twitter: ASAP!