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"We’re a few Western PA boys/Pens fans/U.S. Sailors stationed on the aircraft carrier USS George Washington, operating from Yokosuka, Japan. We’re currently underway in the western Pacific, but are still rooting on the boys (when AFN Sports carries the game… and we can get a signal.)" -- Dave R.

"For some reason, I thought that this being the STANLEY CUP FINALS, NBC might have a little bit of pregame coverage before the puck dropped at 8:00. Unfortunately, it appears to be Dateline NBC that's getting the 7:30 to 8:00 time slot. and it's a feature story on Taylor Swift. And I'll admit it, after finding this out, I left it on for a bit, and I'm glad I did because during a scene with her critiquing a rehearsal session of some sort, I saw a familiar sight in the background. Through the beauty of DVR, I was able to capture this still shot. Maybe her tour director was filling Silverback's spot at the White House or something the day they filmed the show..." -- Matt E.


"So that NFP writer (Matt Bowen) who ranks Palmer above Roethlisberger is a former NFLer. Guess who just sponsored his page? --
Anonymous by request



--Puck Daddy takes a long look at the officiating through two games of the Finals. I must say, they've been fantastic. [Puck Daddy]

--Mark Madden talks NHL and says that it's still a garage league. Agree, agree, agree. [WXDX]

--The Pens want a white-out tonight, and a DVE poll asks if enough's enough with the white-outs already. [DVE]

--Police are bracing for a huge arena crowd tonight. I'm sure they'll be on their best behavior. [PG]

--Have Penguin fans hit the panic button? Is that the thing they sell at Staples? Wait, that's the Easy Button. [PB&G]

--Here are the top 10 iconic trophies in sports. [Real Clear Sports]

--From Big Bob at 96.1 Kiss: "The Pens gave us a pair of game four tickets to give out. People text the word kiss to the number 32623 to enter. We get a winner on Thursday morning in the 9am hour."


--Heath Miller, mini-golfing for charity. I never knew tight ends had such precision. [Morning Freak Show]

--Which Steeler free agents will stay and which ones will go in 2010? [Behind the Steel Curtain]

--Tragically late, here's a shot of Brady Quinn ID'd as Ben Roethlisberger at last week's Cavs-Magic game. [Sparty and Friends]


--Bob Smizik says Ian Snell should be sent to the minors. Maybe we could trade him for Big Papi and solve two teams' problems? [Bob Smizik Blog]

--It's the Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Ballparks for 2009. How does a meaty Primanti's at PNC fit into this list? [PETA]

--And here are the top 10 shocking facts about modern-day Pirates. Not including Adam LaRoche. [E Justice Blog]


--The NBA Finals are the matchup we've always waited for: Adam Morrison vs. JJ Redick. [Elites TV]

--Kimbo Slice is headed to the Ultimate Fighter reality show. How the mighty have fallen. [Awful Announcing]

--Despite getting that screw stuck in his arm, is Sam Young's stock rising? [Pitt Blather]

--A Washington Post article about Uniontown? I kid you not. Of course, it's about faltering country clubs, but still... [Washington Post]

--Any thoughts on the first episode of Conan on the Tonight Show? I'm a big fan, but you can't judge it after one night. [The Big Lead]

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Toad268 said...

Is this it? Was Max Talbot the catalyst once again? Is that the start of history? We will surely find out. I am going to say one word. Momentum. It is vital to winning and losing in high pressure, extreme situation games. After two games back to back, where we never really had too much of it, but still somewhat dominated the games, we finally have it. We know we can outplay them, but until tonight, we couldn't beat them.

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