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To be honest with you, this wrapup could've gone in any number of directions. We could discuss the redemption of Marc-Andre Fleury, who reminded the world that he's still capable of winning a game in the Stanley Cup Finals. We could discuss how people will be waving their fingers in your face all day, saying things like, "I told you the Penguins weren't done!" Maybe we could talk about the crowd that gathered outside the arena as early as 9 AM for an 8 PM start, or all of the Pittsburgh Steelers in attendance who taped motivational videos for the team, or the full-blown playoff heroics that Max Talbot has become known for.

Sure, those are all interesting angles, but come on, try and top the decision by Versus to cut away from a compelling Stanley Cup postgame to kick it to Sports Soup, featuring special guest Will Ferrell (who, it's worth mentioning, was also appearing alongside Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild at the same time). Now that is an interesting discussion point. The garage is open, my friends. And its host is Matt Iseman.

But back to reality and away from stabs at comedy, where the Penguins, who are apparently allowed to use six men on the ice for 20-second spans, gave the series new life with their dramatic 4-2 victory over the Wings in Game Three.

Talbot was the night's big hero, getting first-star treatment with his two-goal effort. Not far behind was Kris Letang (rumored to be a scratch before the game), who buried his fourth goal of the postseason on a power play, and Sergei Gonchar, who netted the eventual game-winner on a PP in the third (captured beautifully in this fan video):

Sidney Crosby finally got onto the scoring ledger with his first assist of the Finals, and Geno Malkin assisted on not one, not two, but three of the team's four goals. Brooks Orpik, Matt Cooke and Chris Kunitz combined for 21 hits, and Fleury stopped 27 of 29 shots. Mix those ingredients together and that is apparently the formula to beat the Detroit Red Wings (on only 21 shots!)

The series continues on Thursday in the Steel City, and good ol' Versus will be there for the 8 PM start. Despite getting just one goal combined out of Malkin and Crosby, the Pens sit just 60 minutes away from making this a three-game series. Now go prove me right by waving your finger at your co-worker and telling them, "I told you the Penguins weren't done!"

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Anonymous said...

I told you so.

Steve said...

Was I the only one disappointed that Helm didn't require a Frankenstein stitch job after Staal's skate nearly filleted his face?

This win really doesn't mean much unless they can win game 4 and turn this into a best of 3 before heading back to the Joe. To do that, I think Crosby needs to get on the score sheet with a little more than a third assist on a PP.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

The Six men on the ice was inexcusable to miss, hands down.
So was Dan Cleary's dive to draw their first PP which resulted in a goal after some more "subtle interference" (the Wings should trademark that term!). No comments about that though...... I wish they would have called Too Many Men so we could move on. There is no guarantee they would have scored on the PP just like there is no guarantee we would have converted one of the penalty shots we should have had Sat. and Sun.

We need to play every period like we played in the third last night. The Wings are too damn good to have another period like the 2nd and come up empty.

Crosby has been getting chances but he needs to finish them, if he starts doing that, PENS IN 6!

Steve said...

Maybe they can experiment in moving Talbot up to the first line now and then. I think ever since the fight against the Flyers, Talbot has given more on every shift consistantly, than any other player.

I know he'll never be a first liner but his effort and play in this series alone speaks for itself and if wasn't for the 1 shot off the post, he would have had the HT.

Anonymous said...

Someone sent me this earlier today. It's from a game in the regular season where the Red Wings got away with 6 skaters and the goalie during a late game situation.

Toad268 said...

That's where we are. The game is on the line, what are we going to do? Do we kick the field goal to tie or go for the touchdown? I know, speaking football terms gets you confused in a Penguin post, but for some of you, that's what you need to get in the spirit of things. Tonight is a huge game that could change the face of the Penguins for years to come. Instead of the almost Pens, we would be the can do Pens. In other words, it is time for every fan in Steeler Nation to support the Pens tonight. It is time to come together and show what a city Pittsburgh is.

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Billkamm said...

I like how they use old stock footage of the Pittsburgh skyline on the broadcast. I'm surprised there isn't snow in the footage. You can tell because One Oliver Place still has the Ariba sign on top of it and in real life it no longer does.