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The Steelers signed a few veteran free agents today, most notably WR Shaun McDonald. Originally a fourth-round pick by the Rams in 2003, McDonald spent the last two seasons with Detroit, following former coach Mike Martz to the Motor City. In 2008, McDonald had 35 catches for 332 yards and one touchdown in 12 games. I'm guessing this will put the Ashley Lelie rumors to bed.

The team also picked up punter Dirk Johnson, who originally entered the league in 1998 as an undrafted free agent out of Northern Colorado. He's bounced around the league since then, suiting up for Seattle (1998), New Orleans (2002), Philadelphia (2003–2006), Chicago (2007), Arizona (2008), and Washington (2009). He became available after the Skins signed Hunter Smith this month. Johnson has a career average of 41.7, with 35.9 net. In case you were wondering, Daniel Sepulveda's numbers from 2007 were 42.4 and 37.9.

In other news, the Steelers also formally announced the Keiwan Ratliff signing, and also picked up kicker Piotr Czech to give Jeff "Sheetz" Reed some competition in camp. On the field and not off, I hope.

Finally, long snapper Jared Retkofsky was released. He was signed last year when Greg Warren was knocked out for the season and spot replacement James Harrison proved he should stick to playing linebacker. The Steelers signed Pitt long snapper Mark Estermeyer as an undrafted free agent this week.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait until KDKA does a story taking us inside Dirk Johnson's house. Sweeps period is almost here!

johnny said...

For a moment I was puzzled and thought that the Steelers signed Petr Cech. Glad that's settled.

Anonymous said...

its THhuuuuussssdayyyyyyyyyyyyy

George Lichter said...

Can't wait to see how this plays out in the fall!

George Lichter