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A couple links to add on to the previous installment...

--Here's an early projection of the 2009 Steelers roster. I like what I see. I like it a lot.[Behind the Steel Curtain]

--Why don't the Pirates sign Barry Bonds? [Mark Madden/WXDX]

--WR T.J. Porter and DL Tommie Duhart, both suspended for spring practice, will not return to the Pitt football team. []

--The Buccos formally opened their Latin Academy. Again, my invitation must've gotten lost in the mail. [PBC Blog]

--Field trip to the Houston Beer Can House! [PB&G]

--Should've-been-a-Pirate Matt Wieters is already getting a Bobblehead Night. As for Daniel Moskos, his ERA is 5.94 at Altoona, following a 5.95 ERA last season at Lynchburg. At least he's consistent. [Frederick Keys]

--ESPN 1250's Lunch with a Legend series continues on May 13 with Barry Melrose and Steve Levy. Throw in food from Morton's and that makes for an interesting afternoon. [ESPN 1250]

--Cleveland gives their tourism video a second shot...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Steelers roster looks very solid.

Barry's knees do not. NL, he has to play. He should go to KC.