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I don't care if you start Rinku and follow him with Dinesh, you can't lose to a community college if you're fielding a lineup wearing Major League uniforms. But the Pirates did just that today, falling to Manatee CC by a 6-4 count. Even worse, the lineup for today's game was described by Dejan Kovacevic as "a collection of the Pirates' top prospects". That's terrifying.

Manatee shocks world, beats Pirates
[PBC Blog]

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mikebenjaminschops said...

the pirates subs also beat the netherlands world baseball team...who beat the domincan republic team twice...which means the pirates subs are better than the domincan republic...its one game, who cares, let it go

Koz said...

another pirates joke writes itself

Anonymous said...

I think the words "Shocks World" is a bit much in that headline. I'm not exactly shocked, just kind of embarrassed.

Meadowbrookalum1 said...

I don't live far from Manatee Community College and it is ridiculous that the Pirates lost to them. It would be like the Penguins losing to Bethel Park high school, or the Steelers losing to the intramural team at Devry Institute. And don't try to use the excuse that they were evaluating new talent. Professionals lost to a CC!!! Not that the past 18 years haven't been a blaring horn that something needs to change, this is just one more reason.