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PIC OF THE DAY"Recently, some of my family still in the area (I think they live in Ingomar now) my aunt, uncle and a few of my cousins, went to Paris. Naturally, my aunt decided to take her Terrible Towel with her. I know you're usually looking for pictures of the Towel around the world so I thought I'd send you the picture of my aunt standing in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris with hers." -- Terry Kelly, Boulder, Colorado via Mt. Lebanon


That's San Jose St. DL Jarron Gilbert, who the Steelers met with on Wednesday. He would be the first YouTube sensation the Steelers ever drafted.


NHL Playoffs: Separated at Birth, by SI.
They sure nailed this one.
That Ovie...what a looker.
(from Scott W.)



--The league acted quickly following the Game One shenanigans of Daniel Carcillo, suspending the Flyer for Game Two for his hit on Max Talbot in the closing seconds. Coach John Stevens is also $10,000 lighter in the wallet for his player's indiscretions. [Empty Netters]

--T-shirts in honor of the fallen police offers will be offered at Friday night's Penguin game, starting at $20. The shirts are also available on this website. The officers' fund is now over $300,000. [PG]

--The Buccos fell victim to another pitcher they shouldn't have on Thursday, that being Houston's Russ Ortiz, who hasn't seen an ERA under 5.00 since 2004. How he remains employed in the league is a true mystery. Nonetheless, Astros 6, Pirates 3.

Sean Burnett dropped the ball on this one for the Pirates, surrendering a three-run homer to Fat Elvis in the sixth inning. And in the LaRoche watch, Adam is hitting .294, while Andy is up to .050. That's right, a 50-point jump in one game!

The Pirates resume play tomorrow night at 7:05 against Atlanta. Once again, they'll be up against a Penguin home playoff game. But I'm sure the prospect of watching Jair Jurrjens pitch will be enough to interest another 20,000 or so. [ESPN]

--The economy is awful, and it's probably going to impact the Pirates, being that they aren't isolated in some sort of financial bubble. So ESPN's Paul Lukas sat down for an interview with Bucco President Frank Coonelly and Chief Marketing Officer Lou DePaoli for some answers on how to deal. Their answer: more fireworks! Just kidding. [ESPN]

--Pedro Alvarez drove in six runs on Thursday night, giving him 14 on the young season. I wonder if he could hit Russ Ortiz? [PSI]

--ESPN 1250's next "Lunch with a Legend" is coming up on April 20, which means you can dine in the presence of legendary Pirate president Frank Coonelly. Well, let's hope he can be legendary someday. [ESPN 1250]

--Didn't get a chance to mention this the other day, but the Pirates traded for Dodger OF Delwyn Young, who hit .246 in 126 at-bats last season. He could one day be the heir-apparent to Freddy Sanchez at second, as the former batting champ's contract expires at the end of the season. [Trib]

--Here are 21 reasons why MLB should retire Roberto Clemente's number. [LemonaaadeHere]


--As you've probably heard, John Madden retired from broadcasting today, coincidentally just a few months after Brett Favre hung up the cleats for good. And while Frank Caliendo scurries to find a new line of work, remember this: Madden was in the stadium for two of the greatest moments in Steeler history - the Immaculate Reception, as Raider coach, and Santonio's Super Bowl 43-winning touchdown, where Madden broadcast his last game. [Deadspin]

--The 1974 Steelers are in the finals of an ESPN tournament to determine the best draft class ever. Sorry, but nothing may EVER beat Swann, Lambert, Stallworth and Webster. [ESPN]

--Tension between Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger? Really? [PFT]

--Let your Gary Russell conspiracy theories fly. Rotoworld thinks he might have ticked off the coaches. There's got to be some reason, and right now, no one's got anything concrete. [Rotoworld]

--Todd McShay's been all over Oregon center Max Unger as a potential Steeler draftee, so here's a scouting report on the 6'5", 309-pound Oregonian. [NFL Draft Scout]

--The Steelers' easier 2009 schedule: a bad thing? [PB&G]


--Tickets to the 2010 NCAA Women's basketball tournament first and second-round games (at the Pete) go on sale Friday. [PG]

--Enjoy the final six weeks of the Stephen A. Smith Experience at ESPN. Try not to shed too many tears. [The Big Lead]

--Remember Dr. Vora, of Straight Outta Johnstown fame? Her eyesore/home was finally cleaned up by force, and WJAC's got an interview with her. [SOJ,]

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Real McCoy said...

I have a theory on Gary Russell. You mentioned "no one has anything concrete". Concrete might be the key word, as in concrete parking lot.

I think Gary Russell was parking in Mike Tomlin's spot in the employee parking lot. Much like Judge Smails in Caddy Shack, Coach Tomlin will not tolerate anybody in his parking spot.

D. C. said...

This would be a good contest...theories on Russell's cut.

I suspect hitting on Mrs. Tomlin, or pulling a Davenport in Ben's closet.

Steve said...

Just going out on a limb here but I suspect it's because the Steelers feel Mendenhall, Parker, Davis and Moore are enough to start the season with.

Do I win?

Real McCoy said...

Part 3: Steelers get four Hall of Fame players in the first five rounds of the 1974 draft.

I guess records are made to be broken, but I think it will be a long, long time before there is a class any better than the 1974 Steelers. In addition to the 4 HOF players, they picked up Donnie Shell and Randy Grossman.

At the end of this article is criticism from the PG. I did not know Smizik was working there then.

Unknown said...

You forgot about Dan Sepulveda's youtube video