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6'0", 199 LBS

OK, let's get the "Mike Wallace/Mike Wallace" gags out of our system immediately. Done.

Now then, THIS is the guy the Steelers drafted with their second pick in the third-round, the 20th in the round and the 84th player overall. ESPN had Wallace pegged as the #20 wide receiver and #152 overall. Obviously, Kevin Colbert is making the picks and not Todd McShay.
First and foremost, Wallace brings speed to the table, with a 4.33 40-time. With those numbers, it's a wonder Al Davis didn't trade up to take him in the first round. But in addition to his receiving abilities, Wallace happens to be (drum roll, please)...a return man, which we've heard about roughly 152 different players these Steelers acquired in the past decade (lest we forget the Willie Reids, Eddie Drummonds and Allen Rossums of the world). (And Gary Russell. And Najeh Davenport. OK, I'll stop now.)
A speedy wide receiver who can stretch the field officially replaces departed wide receiver/Tiffin hero Nate Washington, and at a considerably lesser cost. As a third-round pick, his impact will not be immediate, especially with a stacked deck of receivers ahead of him. At this point, he fills a niche that the Steelers desperately needed, despite the fact that we'll have to put up with 60 Minutes references as long as he's on the team.
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AJ said...

Somewhere Ray Seals is dusting off his leftover stack of 60 Minute Men t-shirts.