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I imagine most of you in the 30+ crowd that read this site collected mostly Topps baseball cards as a kid, at least until Upper Deck and Ken Griffey Jr. exploded onto the scene in 1989. Well, Rinku and Dinesh are here to tell you that Topps is "very bad company". Need an explanation?

Yesterday locker room man coming to us from company Topps. He saying we sign contract. We telling him we not reading this english. we say he have talking JB sir. He saying he talking JB sir and JB sir say OK signing.

So we signing this thing and he give me and Dinesh $5.00. Then we finding out JB sir not knowing this. Man from company Topps lying to us. he very bad man. This very bad company. We having good deals with upper Deck and Playoff. We not liking Topps. We never be Topps if they ask us signing again. They bad man and say lying to us.

We hoping no people buying Topps cards. Peoples who liking us only buying Upper Deck and Playoff.

So if I'm reading this right, the guy from Topps was offering a marketing contract to the duo in the amount of five bucks. I'm no expert in the field of marketing professional baseball players who've never actually played professional baseball, but if the total value of the contract is less than the cost of some fast-food combo meals, I'd advise them to pass.

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The Duke from Dukes Court said...

I am having a hard time believing this. Why would a company like Topps try to dupe these kids? Nothing but bad publicity can from this for Topps.

okel dokel said...

Thes guys are comedic gold...I envision some type of reality series on ESPN.