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These Steelers are turning into crossover media darlings, and the latest proof is Ben Roethlisberger, of all people, turning up at the much-anticipated premiere of The Watchmen. And yes, that would be Missy Peregrym at his side, who we haven't heard about in a very long time.

Best Week Ever found humor in Roethlisberger unknowingly posing next to this poster, but wow, would this be appropriate for a certain teammate of his.

Watchmen Premiere, Holds Onto The Popcorn For Way Too Long">Ben Roethlisberger Appears At Watchmen Premiere, Holds Onto The Popcorn For Way Too Long [Best Week Ever]

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SantoGold said...

Can't we send Steely McBeam to these petty movie premieres instead of our starting QB?

KirkGibson said...

is it just me or does large benjamin's outfit look silly?

LisaLisa said...

I don't know why Ben insists on wearing pin-stripe suits, IMO he always looks not-quite-right in them. He always looks good in solid colors like navy, black and charcoal. Someone should tell him to ditch the stripes permanently. And GREAT to see he's still with Missy - maybe it's really serious, and good for him if it is!