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First we saw James Farrior and Joey Porter, and this week we get Troy Polamalu catching some waves in Hawaii. Innocent shot of a guy having fun, right? Well, leave it to TMZ's comments section to make something out of nothing, with thoughts like:

"How tacky. There are two NFL players lost in the Gulf right now. Dag."


"A little insensitive considering two football players are missing in the ocean as we speak."

Really? This picture is both tacky and insensitive?

Troy Fall-amalu []

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Brando said...

Seriously? So, the rule is that you can't be photographed having fun on an ocean with NFL players lost at sea?

So, I can't watch a movie about war because there are people dying at war now? This logic makes no sense. If we went by this standard, we'd never do anything, because "somebody somewhere got hit by a car, so driving cars is insensitive".

Unknown said...

Consider the source...

You're actually concerned over something a commenter on TMZ said?

Broke But Still Drinking said...

Someone overindulged and never came home last night?

This news may hurt the bars and distributors. And if you're going to drink, please don't showoff by posting photographs.

You got that, Reed?