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The Arena Football League, currently frozen in time for the 2009 season, is considering putting an expansion team in Pittsburgh when it defrosts in the future, according to a report in Sports Business Journal. Details from AFL Commissioner Ed Policy were sparse, but he did say he hoped that it would happen and that “Pittsburgh is a great football market and there is lot of interest from various groups."

If it happens, this would be the second go-round for Arena ball in the Burgh. Many of the younger readers probably don't remember the Pittsburgh Gladiators, who spent all of four seasons here before relocating to Tampa Bay in 1991. In true Pittsburgh professional football fashion, the Gladiators were successful, qualifying for Arena Bowl I and III. Unfortunately, they lost both games. But hey, there's no shame in second place, especially in a start-up football league.

Pittsburgh team part of AFL plans [Sports Business Journal]

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Anonymous said...

Meh. Whatever.

Minor league team in a major league town... Probably will go the way of the Hornets (indoor soccer), Pitbulls (ABA I believe), Phantoms (Roller Hockey), Crossefire (Indoor Lacrosse), et. al.

People will go at first to check out the new arena and the team will be in Cheboygen before we know it.

Vince said...

I think it depends, if they can field a team that plays well i could see people in pittsburgh getting behind them... that being said, if they come out in typical expansion team fashion and win less than 50% of their games people will not have the patience or care to latch onto them... Esp with other viable pro teams that we can watch

Steve said...

Marketing has much to do with it, but in the end it will fail simply because it will always be an ugly stepchild to the only football any Pittsburgher really cares about. The only cities that Arena Football can be successful in, are ones that either have no current pro team, or ones that have no history of winning with their current one. The sooner the AFL realizes this, the sooner they'll be on a solid path to making it work this time.

Not that I really care.

AJ said...

I wonder where I put that Glad Rag?

Broke But Still Drinking said...

Good luck trying to steal some of the market share from the Pittsburgh Passion.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

Minor league sports has never worked in Pittsburgh, a few teams that have yet to be mentioned:

Pittsburgh Maulers
Pittsburgh Spirit
Pittsburgh Bulls

why do people insist of thinking minor league sports will work here?

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I think Pittsburgh should get an AFL team. It's a strong market with a lot of football tradition.

Anonymous said...

I wish this would happen just so we have an alternative to watching the Pirates lose during the summer!

Anonymous said...

well since Cleveland has a afl team and has i know being a Pittsburgh and Cleveland sport fan that the rivalry between the two cites is huge and with pittsburgh getting an afl team the rivalry can continue in other leagues other than pro sports.

hell i been trying to get pro basketball in pittsburgh but the league isn't expanding. so bringing pro arena football here is great. and people give arena football here in pittsburgh a chance before you go and take it all away from us.

Emilio.M said...

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