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At last, the mystery Steeler investor has been revealed, and it is a name you're familiar with: Hall of Fame receiver John Stallworth. Stallworth, who's been a successful businessman since his retirement in 1987, is currently the president and CEO of family based investment group Genesis II following his involvement in a successful technology company.

Stallworth is joined by several other new investors in the team: Bruce V. Rauner, chairman of venture capital firm GTCR Golder Rauner; Pilot Travel Centers CEO James Haslam III; movie executive Thomas Tull; the Pittsburgh-based Paul family and the Varischetti family of Brockway, Pa. All of the partners have been approved by the NFL.

The Steelers were recently valued at $1 billion by, placing them 18th among NFL franchises. Which means John Stallworth and friends could be getting a nice return on their investment if things play out the right way.

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Steve said...
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Steve said...

I guess it was only a matter of time before the Steelers had some Mob ties:

"Varischetti and Sons Inc., which owns and manages commercial real estate in Pennsylvania and New York, according to a statement from the Steelers. The family's business history dates to the 1960s, when the late Frank Varischetti built his sanitation business into one of the largest independently-owned sanitation companies in the state"

Commercial real estate and sanitation? Wow, can he fit the stereo-type any better? His last name might as well be Soprano. Oh well, at least some of the other owners will fear wearing cement shoes at the bottom of the Mon if they get caught cheating now. Right, Kraft?