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With Sidney Crosby-hating nearing Tom Brady-esque levels, more and more people are starting to notice the trend. At the forefront of the Crosby-bashing chronicling has been Yahoo's Puck Daddy/Greg Wyshynski, who put together quite the photo collection following the Pens-Caps game a few weeks ago (as illustrated above).

On Saturday, Wyshynski struck back with a follow-up, this time in video form, where he tries to get to the bottom of just why Sidney Crosby is so polarizing. For a player who came into the league with so much goodwill, hype, and fanfare, how did we get to this point just a few years later?

Wyshynski interviewed a few random Penguin fans, and the ones who made the cut for the video certainly look like they were included strictly to make the fanbase look bad. As The Pensblog adds, "Out of the millions....mmmmhaaaa....and the millions of the Pens fans in Washington for a Caps game, Greg grabs this guy, two old ladies (who he subsequently jobs in his narration), a guy in a penguin suit, and some dude that was wasted. Come on."

The conclusion reached by Puck Daddy? It was pretty much the same conclusion reached by The Pensblog on January 28. I won't totally spoil the ending, but let's just say it involves a very familiar pro wrestling angle.

UPDATE: Puck Daddy made Crosby/Rock comparisons in a December 22 post after Sid delivered a few shots to Boris Valabik's five-hole. Click on it for further perspective into the ongoing "Sid as bad guy" debate.

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Anonymous said...

I was in that video, at -2:51. His questions were very generic. Thats why the answers were just as generic.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

That video was absolutely ridiculous.

This subject is absolutely ridiculous.

The Thrill said...
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