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Steelers kicker Jeff Reed plead guilty to disorderly conduct and criminal mischief, thus apparently closing the book on the most publicized Sheetz towel dispenser beating in recorded history. From the PG:

Mr. Reed received a summary citation and the charges were referred to Westmoreland County District Judge Mark Bilik in Bradenville. His guilty plea was received today through the mail and he will be fined $543.50, which includes $210 in restitution to the store.

So the Skipster mailed in his plea and it only cost him a shade over $500. No harm, no foul. You've got to love the "mischief" part, implying that he might be confused with Bart Simpson or Dennis the Menace. And since he's not Richard Seigler or Cedrick Wilson, his roster spot is probably safe. Now let's get back to regularly scheduled Skippy news....Does he have any more bar appearances lined up?

Steelers kicker pleads guilty to store misbehavior [PG]

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Anonymous said...

Dennis The Menace was way worse than this. The FCC just severely censored him.

Anonymous said...

I love Skippy as the kicker. He's definitely made some huge kicks over the years, but if you ran into this jack-ass at the bar and didn't know him, I guarantee you'd hate him.