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As a result of the three teams in front of them (Connecticut, Oklahoma and North Carolina) all losing this week, expect the Pitt Panthers to be the #1 team in all of the land when the new polls are released on Monday.

The 25-2 Panthers dominated DePaul at the Pete on Saturday to the tune of 80-61, and with his 20-point, 18-rebound performance, Dejuan Blair set a school record with 41 rebounds in a two-game span. Pitt now sits at 12-2 and just 1/2 game behind UConn for first place in the Big East. (And speaking of UConn, you absolutely have to check out this video of Jim Calhoun flipping out on a reporter who questioned the coach's $1.6 million salary in the midst of a Connecticut state budget deficit):

Yes, it was another great showing by the Panthers, who also got 16 points from Sam Young, 13 from Tyrell Biggs, and 11 out of Jermaine Dixon. The biggest cheer, however, could have been for former Panther Larry Fitzgerald, who took in the game yesterday in Pittsburgh. No word on whether or not he shared a plate of nachos with another Super Bowl 43 participant who's been known to frequent the Pete.

DePaul fell to 0-14 in the Big East and probably wondered how and why they got themselves into this mess. As for Pitt, they resume their championship run on Tuesday at the world famous Dunkin Donuts Center against Providence (16-11, 8-7). If they win, Jamie Dixon promises donut holes and coffee for everyone.

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DarkHelmet said...

Not that the rankings really matter that much but I think Pitt should've been #1 after this week regardless of who lost ahead of them. Lets not forget- #1 UConn didn't just lose, Pitt beat them on their court. The first time this year Pitt was #1 I felt like they backed into it a bit but I think at this point they truly deserve to be ranked at the top.

Ryan said...

Yeah I'd agree that they probably did deserve to be ahead of Oklahoma and UNC regardless of what happened, but I don't think it actually would've played out that way. Its pretty tough to move ahead of someone who doesn't lose in the polls, especially when one of those is the beloved UNC team that always seems to be a few spots higher than they should be.

RedHawks Hockey said...

get some facts and come back and see me

BurressWithButterflywings said...

This Pitt team has a killer instinct that some of the past teams lacked.

Although I am well aware of my bias, this team seems to be getting better every game.